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Wealth-Building Victims Of Crime Counselling & .pensation Services Help Domestic Violence Victims With Financial .pensation, Counselling, Relocation And Other Safety Measures Domestic violence (often called ‘family violence’) can include physical, verbal, sexual or emotional abuse. It occurs when one partner, mostly the male, attempts to physically or psychologically dominate and control the other partner, most .monly a female. Women and children are the most prevalent victims of violence or abuse in intimate relationships due to their vulnerability. Males can also be domestic violence violence although the cases are rare. In Australia, especially in Victoria, family violence-related crime increased by 39.7 per cent when .pared to 2011. More than half of Australian women have experienced some form of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16 and domestic violence is counted as the single biggest health risk to Australian women aged 15 to 44 years. It is one of the biggest health concerns in the country with more than half of the numbers of women who have experienced domestic violence suffering from anxiety and depression as well as other health issues too. Since Domestic violence can take a number of forms and includes physical violence, pushing, shaking, slapping and striking, and sexual abuse, .monly forcing an individual to engage in non consensual sexual activity and threats of violence or death too. Since a large percentage of the Victorian population is at the risk of domestic abuse and violence, the state government of Victoria has taken upon itself to provide crimes .pensation of up to $100,000.00 to the victims of crime including domestic violence. Under the Crime .pensation Act a primary victim of crime can claim .pensation up to $70,000.00 and a secondary victim of crime up to $60,000.00. Those victims who have been at the receiving end of domestic abuse can contact Victims of Crime Counseling & .pensation Services in order to get free, prompt and professional financial advice and support for all kinds of crime. This firm provides victims support service and has a team of highly experienced solicitors & psychologists make sure that the victims of crimes receive the best financial and recovery out.es. They specialize exclusively in facilitating Free State government funded entitlements to victims of crime and have assisted in over 6000 crime .pensation applications. They have been operating in Victoria, Australia, for the last fifteen years and believe in Supporting the rights of Victims of Crime in Victoria, Australia. This firm is the only national victims of crime service provider in Australia and also refer to solicitors in New South Wales and South Australia who are experienced in providing victims support service . The firm assists victims of crime with financial .pensation, counseling, relocation and other safety measures. VOCCS is known for providing free, prompt and professional assistance, advice and support to the victims of all kinds of crime. At VOCCS we do not make it mandatory for the offender to be charged in case of making a crime .pensation application. Victims or their loved ones simply need to call us on 1800 000 055 or fill an online inquiry form at victimsofcrime…Au and we will do our best to help the victims lead a normal life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: