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While studying entrepreneurship, is another kind of "success" of Zhongguancun Venture Street, 3W Cafe entrepreneurs these years, entrepreneurial success, flourishes a lot of stories, especially in the airport bookstore, with a number of new generation of Internet entrepreneurs as the representative of the speech video, has become the main melody loop "". Even in lectures at some universities, entrepreneurial sharing is becoming more attractive than traditional philosophical and artistic topics. In this restless, some young people entrepreneurial golden age has come to rush about telling the news around spreading. However, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. Although graduating, leaving school, Liu Chen (alias) is still more than two years ago in school entrepreneurship "pit" experience safeguard rights. There are similar experience and Guilin University of Electronic Technology, Guilin University of Technology and Guangxi Normal University Lijiang Institute and other institutions of college students entrepreneurial team, these cheated team of the subject matter of the amount of money to 270 yuan. A survey in Guangxi found that only 18  of the students who were interviewed were very clear about how the project could get benefits and cost control;. 46%, "not very clear and unclear" up to 35.9%. (yesterday, China Youth Daily) compared to entrepreneurial success inspirational legend, the story of entrepreneurial failure, it is really poor, although in real life, the latter accounted for higher. This is not surprising, college students are "eight or nine o’clock in the sun", self-confidence, self-improvement, even if some of the failure case in front of them, it is estimated that few people listen. What’s more, there are some old chicken soup for guidance, such as "young without failure", "dream should have, in case it is realized" – these are intentionally or unintentionally weakening risk, as if just set foot in the tide of entrepreneurship, gold will be rolling like. Of course, I believe that a greater possibility is that, regardless of the education sector, universities or investment institutions, the risk of college students venture tips, are far from being in place. This is not to say that they do not understand this truth, but the college students entrepreneurship in line with the trend of diversified employment, can ease the employment pressure. Especially for the former, this will solve a long-standing long-standing problem, the risk does not need the university or the education sector to bear. For the college students who generally have no economic source, the risk of entrepreneurship failure will in fact be transferred to the parents, the so-called son suffer, Lao Zi pay. From my observation, the basic understanding of college students on entrepreneurship still needs to be improved. Take the events introduced in the report as an example, wholesale mobile phones, take goods, and then sell mobile phones, there is no threshold work, do not need to accumulate knowledge can do, or even better. Don’t forget, in the policy about college students entrepreneurship, "entrepreneurship" two words before there are two words – "innovation."". So, in the traditional project management in a sort of pseudo Internet plus, for example, WeChat opened a public number, is doomed not to have what the future. The reason is very simple, you can think of, someone has already done. Of course, this is not a blow to young people’s enthusiasm, I want to say is that if there is not enough anticipation of the risk, such as money once deceived, through the "9" 边求学边创业,是另一种“成功学” 中关村创业街,3W咖啡馆内的创业者   这些年来,创业成功、一夜暴富的故事不少,尤其是在各大机场的书店里,以一批新生代互联网企业家为代表的演讲视频,早已成为循环播放的“主旋 律”。甚至在部分高校的讲座上,相比传统的哲学、艺术话题,创业分享也越来越有吸引力。在这种躁动中,一些年轻人奔走相告,创业的黄金时代到来了。   然 而,理想很丰满,现实很骨感。虽已毕业离校,刘晨(化名)仍在为两年多前在校创业“被坑”的经历维权。有相似经历的还有桂林电子科技大学、桂林理工大学和 广西师范大学漓江学院等多所院校的大学生创业团队,这些被骗团队的标的物货款金额达270万余元。广西一项调查发现,受访的创业大学生对项目如何获得收益 及成本控制“很清楚”的仅18 。46%,“不是很清楚及不清楚”的达35.9%。(昨日《中国青年报》)   相比创业成功的励志传 奇,有关创业失败的故事,就实在少的可怜了,尽管在现实生活中后者占比要更高。这也不奇怪,大学生都是“八九点钟的太阳”,自信自强,即便把一些失败的案 例放在他们面前,估计也没几个人听得进去。更何况,还有一些老牌心灵鸡汤作引导,例如“年轻没有失败”、“梦想要有,万一实现了呢”―――这些都有意无意 地在弱化风险,仿佛只要踏进创业的大潮,黄金就会滚滚来似的。   当然,我相信更大一种可能是,无论教育部门、高校还是投资机构,对大 学生创业的风险提示,做得都远远不到位。这倒不是说他们不明白这个道理,而是大学生创业符合多元化就业的趋势,能缓解就业压力。尤其对前者来说,这将解决 一个困扰已久的老大难问题,风险还不需要高校或教育部门承担。对于普遍没有经济来源的大学生而言,创业失败的风险事实上多半会转嫁到父母身上,所谓儿子吃 亏,老子买单。   从我的观察来说,大学生对创业的基本认识就还有待提升。以报道中介绍的事件为例,批发手机,拿货,然后卖手机,实在 是没有什么门槛的工作,不需要知识积累也能做,甚至做得更好。别忘了,在有关大学生创业的政策当中,“创业”二字之前还有两个字―――“创新”。所以,在 传统的经营项目里套上一点伪互联网+,比如开个微信公号,注定是没有什么前途的。道理很简单,你能想到的,早就有人干了。   当然,这 番话并不是打击年轻人的积极性,我想说的是,如果对风险没有足够预判,比如钱一旦被人骗了,通过什么渠道维权,能最大程度地拿回损失;对自己没有清醒的认 识,手头做的事是能改变人类,还是仅仅可以帮团队成员填饱肚子―――如果这些都没想清楚甚至根本没想过,我劝还是别瞎掺合了,老实读书去吧。最近,“微信 教父”张小龙的语录颇为流行,他有句话是这么说的,“如果你一生中一直顺风顺水,那么说明你做的事基本没什么价值。”   他还有句话是,“人要成功很难,比成功更难的是,知道你的成功是偶然的。”以此与诸位大学生朋友共勉。●小指 责任编辑:李清 SN219相关的主题文章: