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UnCategorized What are some ways to super leverage what it is that you’re already doing when you’re using video marketing tips? I like to create one piece of content and then repurpose that as many times and in as many different places as I can. One of the ways I’ll do it, I’ll try to get the most out of what I’ve got. Let’s say I record a video, whether it’s an interview with someone or maybe I make a recording on my iPhone. Then once that audio recording is done, then you want to plug systems in to make sure your assistants and people part of your team take that and maybe they convert that audio, they create a slide show which creates a video or they create a slide show first. Then they match up the audio with that slide show. Then you can create a video out of that interview. Now out of that video marketing services interview then you can slice it up into pieces and then you upload it to YouTube and you’re creating content. You can also take the audio that you create and get the transcripts done for it. So maybe you get the transcripts of the video that you’ve done or the interview, then that can get cut up and turned into articles that can then get used in your SEO campaign to try and help drive traffic to your website. So what you really want to try and do is how do you squeeze the maximum out of all your efforts? So you only have to create and do a little something and then it gets repeated many times. A good example of this is I recorded ten or fifteen different FAQs for Melbourne SEO Services. Now I’ve got another assistant who is taking those video marketing tips online videos and posting them onto our blog and creating a blog post for each one of them. That’s another way to keep leveraging that content and also you’re getting an SEO benefit out of that as well. Some people might know of Neil Strauss. He wrote the book called The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. It’s basically a story about how he went from being a really big time geek, he was a writer for Rolling Stone and New York Times. He got given an assignment to write a story about this underground society of pickup artists. He changed his whole persona in life around and be.e known as the world’s greatest pickup artist. He wrote a book about it and a membership program and so on. What I did, I put together a video regarding video marketing tips to actually do an iPhone app with Neil which we did and was very successful. Basically all I did was went to a freelance designer and got a series of iPhone app designs mocked up of how I thought the iPhone app would work. I threw them into Keynote on the Apple Mac and just did a ScreenFlow recording. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: