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Leadership Leadership Training Melbourne – Dealing with difficult people. So, how do you maintain your .posure? How do you maintain that resourceful state? Relax. That’s your first step. Sit back, relax. The relaxation will .e from breathing. Essentially, you want to be breathing deep. The more upper respiratory it is, the quicker the breathing, the less it’s going to be absorbed by your body and ultimately get to your brain. So, you want to be able to sit back, relax. You want to observe, you want to take in, you want to gather information here. You want to understand, first of all, why this person is speaking or behaving or acting in this particular way. So, you’re doing some research, you’re doing some gathering of information so you can understand. And therefore, that’s likely to change your perception. It’s likely to influence the way in which we see this particular person. You know, I remember a story that Steven Coby shared with us. He was sitting in a railway station in a subway and there were a number of children that were misbehaving. And what appeared to be the father close by the hill was in actual fact taking no notice, seemed quite distressed. Steven decided to ask this gentleman whether these were his children. Which he said with a deep sigh, "Yeah, they’re my kids. We just came from the hospital and they’ve lost their mother." And it was at that moment that Steven quickly changed his perception. He quickly saw this family in a very different light and was able to exercise empathy. He was able to show some .passion to this family who is obviously distressed. So, the key in dealing with difficult people is to breathe, to remain relaxed, to gather information so you understand the situation and then look at what’s the best option we’re going for here. So, when we got two minds, possibly in a state of conflict. Both having different needs, different expectations. We need to find some collaborative ground here so that we can move forward. But for us to move forward, somebody needs to listen. And to listen, we need to be relaxed. So, in dealing with difficult people, start first, relax. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: