Know wine winery, Silk Road Spring Bud Plan the first phase of the successful conclusion of the Sohu dxperience

"Know wine winery? Silk Road Spring Bud Plan" the first phase of Sohu and ended November 5th – 6 days, at the Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University Wine school new teaching building, a different course held here — Wine college class of 98 outstanding alumni, wine studio founder Guo Minghao with "know wine · silk road; Chateau Wine CMO brand marketing course" to return to his alma mater, has brought about a marketing visual feast for the graduating students professional. "· CMO Wine winery wine; silk brand marketing course" first class "Spring Bud Plan" courses for a period of two days, Guo Minghao from the marketing development, brand visual identity, brand positioning, integrated marketing, brand promotion and new product development, social marketing six modules, through 136 cases, the 5 round of the mind the storm, often encountered on brand building problems in depth analysis and brainstorming. Students from undergraduate major, senior, master and doctoral students, including college students and school class teacher, in theory, case study and practice integrated teaching methods, we both enjoy the visual feast, as well as the brain for a round of brainstorming ground. "· CMO Wine winery wine; silk brand marketing course" about the "Spring Bud Plan" in May 2016, launched the "principal Guo know wine · Wine CMO brand marketing course", in October, he launched to the "Spring Bud Plan", namely the curriculum as the extension of the professional education, to have higher professional Wine learning, help students develop brand awareness, cultivating marketing talents for the industry, the Silk Road winery support, provide sponsorship for the students. College students Wine Alliance (WIU) reached a strategic cooperation with the studio will know wine, Chateau wine and Silk Road "Spring Bud Plan" to bring more college students. I am doing feedback production, marketing has been no concept. Thanks for brother Guo Minghao "know wine winery Wine CMO · the silk road brand marketing course Spring Bud Plan" to share many years of experience, let me have the opportunity to understand Wine marketing! Through a few days of learning, brainstorming, feel that marketing is not simple, the creation of the brand, the promotion of the need for inspiration and experience. Look forward to the "Spring Bud Plan" in the future will blossom as a result, to train more professionals for the Wine industry! Thank you know wine, thank brother guo! Dr. 2014 — Peng Shuai Wine College Ningxia Bona Bai Fu winery winemaker as devoted to viticulture research, has been the quality as the first productivity, after learning CMO know wine marketing course after gradually understand, the importance of brand marketing in the current situation of supply and demand is far greater than the foreign wine sales and reputation of the domestic wine rolled over under the. As a wine industry practitioners should be from the consumer point of view to operate our brand. The two day of the course is to learn to look at the industry, a new perspective on the cause of wine, benefit. -相关的主题文章: