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Software There are a number of ways because of which your Hotmail account can be easily hacked by those who intend to do it. The most common method being used by hackers is phishing, under which you are being sent luring emails, asking you to share some personal details in return for some benefit, which ultimately proves to be phony, leaving you in a state of panic. Other forms used to hack into your email account are unsecured computer systems, unsecured internet connections, and even the unsecured functionalities of your Hotmail account itself. Below mentioned are some of the ways by which you can keep your account safeguarded from all sorts of possible threats. If you have already fallen target to some hacker and wish to get out of it, you can make use of Hotmail support page, which includes a lot of information about the same. You can simply make use of the instructions provided there and clean up your account like you had it before. If you have still not fallen victim to the same and wish to do something about that follow the steps as are given below: Avoid using shared computers for accessing email: Because it is very easy to obtain personal information from a shared computer and also a history track is left on them many times, it is recommended to not use them for accessing your Hotmail email account. At times these computers may have viruses in them too, and so avoid using them, if at all, as much as possible. Keep a check on phishing emails: Perhaps one of the easiest ways to keep your account secured is staying away from all sorts of phishing emails. These emails mostly have some good-for-nothing content followed by a request to you, asking about your personal details. Not even Hotmail would ever ask you to share your personal details for any purpose, and so refrain from sharing the same and delete all such emails as soon as you sot them in your inbox. Change your password regularly: It is likely that someone would have some software that may guess your software after some certain point of time, and thus would be able to access it. This is why you must always make it a point to change your password after a few weeks to keep all those trying to gain access of your account guessing and not get anything in return. Try to use as much complex yet easy-to remember combination as your password, which makes it even more difficult to guess by anyone. If you need assistance with the same, make use of Hotmail Support page to know further information about different ways to change your password. Install a good antivirus: Having a reliable antivirus in your computer always assures you of peace of mind and keeps your computer free from all possible virus and spam threats. If any unusual activity happens in your machine or even with your email account your antivirus will generate an alert message to you for the same, thereby giving you the option to surpass that activity and maintain the security of your computer as well as email account. Apart from these, you can always refer to Hotmail support page for any kind of assistance with your email account. However, if you are looking for some live assistance, you will have to look beyond the services of the company since it does not offer you the same as of now. There are multiple tech support entities existent today that offer quality support services over the phone in return for a fee. You can give them a call and have your issue resolved at the earliest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: