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Julie Rose Hand Cream Lancome selection of nursing department to new listed Sohu   Julie Kou live and farm machine planting French rose petals for refining the essence of precious world pure land —- Adelaide Australia Julie Kou Mylor farm, every rose by professional care. In 2016 just over 8 people, composed of professional team Julie Kou picking and planting with morning dew on the French rose petals pieces gently on the next. Coach Julie R & D team will delicate rose petal drops into the essence of pure abstraction, only a limited edition of the selection of 2016 rose hand cream. The pure bred delicate delicate roses, and a rose will nourish your hands. Cyanine alcohol and charming, this is Julie and her gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind carefully with French Rose exudes the fragrance. [Limited] Rose Hand Cream 75ml 275RMB selection pleasure nursing freshman Julie enjoy hands soft if Jane Rose Hand Cream Lancome choose special pick Zhen dilute French Rose, condensation of precious cyanine pure extraction, rose into the fragrance, in each hand cream in a limited edition, delicate hands. In addition, hand cream is also rich in Calendula and other plant extracts ingredients, aroma calming soothing, moisturizing qinxin. Velvet dense texture cream long time moisture locked in the hand skin layer in a continuous moist hands, hands all day to keep the bomb run fine. Contains plant essence can effectively relieve roughness, collocation massage action is more effective use of Fu fade deep lines, coruscate delicate hands.     natural gift care to the fingertips of a new single product professional care of your hands, is a woman’s second face. Silky smooth and soft hands let us look young but compact, rough chapped hands are exposed whenever and wherever possible signs of aging. Therefore, the hand needs special attention and care. Julie Kou upgraded hand care line, providing specialist care for you, especially present hand scrub and brightening armor oil, let the hand keep the skin moist and smooth in the dry environment, such as always in the jade sense, let second face you always young. Hand exfoliating cream 100ML 280RMB  the "new" hand exfoliating cream 100ML 280RMB deep cleansing dirt to reproduce the tender and smooth light cleaning and nourishing combo. The red clay and white clay composition, jojoba seed gentle rubbing removing old horny; at the same time, moist and dry hands, and make your hands smooth and delicate fragrance to regain, blooming in the pure charm, no rough trouble.   10ML 175RMB brightening oil armor "new" brightening oil 10ML 175RMB armor resilient nails nail bed carefully nourish repair damaged nails and nail edge, effectively prevent agnail. Contains a variety of plant extracts of rosemary and cyanine expensive: Horsetail Extract nail; carrot root and Calendula Extract Soothing chapped damaged nail substance layer; almond and macadamia nut extract deep moist insulation. Strong Manicure, No.相关的主题文章: