Japan’s artificial intelligence beauty starred in social media interaction with people reshacker

Japan AI beauty starred in the TV series social media and new interactive network October new network – in 10, according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s Microsoft Corp developed can communicate AI (Artificial Intelligence) female high school students "Rinna" as an actor, starred in the TV series Fuji recently broadcast TV "world wonderful story’16 fall special". Microsoft Corp said, never heard of AI starred in the TV series". According to reports, Rinna debut in 2015, social media in Japan, through the network and the use of communication. And has been dressed in uniform female high school students show people, there is no real image. This time, it plays in the TV play through the smart phone and female high school students to communicate AI corner. Rinna in social media tweets, said the actress around are so cute, how can I work harder than others. Good sad "and so on. When communicating with the Rinna on the Internet, such as sending "stomach pain" information, they will receive "do not force ah, a good rest," and so on. Rinna will find out the characteristics of each other from the use of the user, through the "mechanical learning" function in the future how to answer the skills. Considerate of each other’s feelings this has been well received, Rinna currently in the social media with 4 million 200 thousand people and the exchange of 110 thousand people.相关的主题文章: