Japanese media Japan has repeatedly urged China to accept the South China Sea ruling Wang Yi unhappy darren hayes

Japanese media: Japan has repeatedly urged Wang Yi not to accept the South China Sea Chinese Award – fast Sohu Military Channel Chinese text with map: Foreign Minister Wang Yi (left) and Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio (in) and South Korean Foreign Minister Yin Bingshi 24 days in Tokyo to attend a joint press conference. Reference News Network reported on August 25th: foreign media said the foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea to attend the 24 held in Tokyo, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi, South Korean Foreign Minister Yin Bingshi arrived in Japan on 23. The two foreign ministers in the evening of 23, foreign minister Kishida Fumio attended the dinner will be held, and for about a hour. China, Japan and South Korea have many problems in improving relations. According to Japan’s "Daily News" reported on August 24th, after dinner, at the venue of the foreign minister Kishida and foreign minister Wang Yi have had informal talks about an hour. The content of the talks is not open, it can be seen that there are serious problems between China and japan. The Japanese government hopes that through the three foreign ministers’ meeting and the Chinese and Japanese separate talks, the Sino Japanese relations as a result of the Diaoyu Islands issue intensified tensions to dialogue. In addition, also for the September G20 summit held in Chinese when Sino Japanese summit, as well as the year held a summit meeting in Japan and South Korea to coordinate. Reported that the end of last year, the two governments reached an agreement on the issue of comfort women, the Japanese government believes that it has entered a new era for the future of Japan and South korea". Japan hopes to highlight the results of this meeting to improve bilateral relations. According to Japan’s "Asahi Shimbun" reported on August 24th, in Japan now around the Diaoyu Islands and other issues arising from opposition, tensions have not been eliminated. Foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea will schedule until 22 days before the announcement. Because since August 5th Chinese official boat repeatedly "invasion" of the waters around Diaoyu Island, Japan has always insisted that "China tough attitude, so we cannot say" provocation, good talk. ‘"(government official language). Reported that Japan is worried, in the Chinese official ship "provocative" activity is not convergence, if welcome foreign minister Wang Yi, might be regarded as failing to China official ship resident around the Diaoyu Islands "an established fact" showed a tough attitude, would have been to blame. Japan has repeatedly urged China to accept the verdict of the court of arbitration in full denial of China’s sovereignty over the South China Sea, Wang Yi feel unhappy. Beijing diplomats pointed out that China has shown no compromise on territorial issues, Chinese official boat activities are also related to this. According to Deutsche Welle website reported on August 23rd, Japan and South Korea foreign ministers held consultations in Tokyo. They want to strengthen economic integration, but territorial disputes will be put on top of the economy. This is the first time since November last year, Abe Shinzo, Pu Jinhui and the meeting of the three foreign ministers meeting, but different factors led to the impact of the atmosphere of the talks were affected by the meeting of the. The first thing to mention is that China and Japan are deteriorating bilateral relations because of territorial disputes. There is also a political debate about the role of Japan in World War ii. China and South Korea government is very clear, the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in every possible way to wash the white war crimes in japan. However, despite these differences, the three countries have seen the need for cooperation. Reported that the three countries to seek.相关的主题文章: