Jack-O-Lantern as a monstrous absurdity to let the parents Yang Festival kindergarten work is quite -puritans pride

What is the relationship between Jack-O-Lantern as a monstrous absurdity foreign festival for parents to kindergarten work a new network in the western critical – Halloween with vegetable market "food bosses"? There! The relationship is not small! In recent years, one to the end of October, I stand on this pumpkin cushaw sell express. I do not understand the beginning, and later learned that people buy back is not to eat steamed, is to do Halloween Pumpkin lanterns. This is not, today there is a young man, a man bought 6 go." A happy Wangjing greengrocer convenience markets said. In an interview with reporters found that not only are young people, there are a lot of kindergarten children by parents accompany also buy a pumpkin lamp. One asked to know, this is a kindergarten teacher to the children left the family manual work". Some parents pick up the edge of the pumpkin complained: "kindergarten layout of such operations, in the end what does it mean? Carved pumpkin lights, parents must work, the children can not do. Do not matter, can teach children to learn a foreign festival, always feel a bit wrong." There are parents in the micro-blog ridicule: Dragon Boat Festival when you can not see the layout of the work package dumplings, how do we not see the traditional festival?" The greengrocer "foreign festival that we enjoy" Halloween is what day?" Hear the reporter asked, in the mall to select a lot of young people Halloween decorations, have given the answer in October 31st. Even the days are not clear, the Ocean Festival is really a bit confused. But Jack-O-Lantern has become a must-have holiday, so these two days of pumpkin hot, bad music vegetables. Yesterday, reporters visited the city in the city a number of markets, whether it is selling fruit or vegetables, have a "norm", booth, on the counter, must have bright, easy to sell for the two days ahead, many vegetable stalls, a large pumpkin sits at the top of gold. Merchants say, this two day pumpkin sell well, even the shape similar with the popular melon chrysanthemum. "Many are adults with children to pick a good few." Kindergarten assignments, to bring a windfall caifan. One merchant told reporters yesterday afternoon, there are parents with children to buy food, the children clamoring to pumpkin, make him very curious, pick the pumpkin, people do not see the component, they are said to be round not flat, to choose, to buy 4. Ordinarily I was selling vegetables shouldn’t ask, but I really want to ask them to eat it?" Many young greengrocer is this surprising. According to statistics, about the year before the end of October each year, are selling pumpkins. Placed in the stalls when the pumpkin, is also divided into two piles, a bunch of consumers to eat, another pile of good points, is to get people to spend the festival. No old foreign, are our own people to buy, some parents with children, some of the hotel to buy better, said to be used for decoration. Since it is a foreign festival, I do not know why foreigners do not buy pumpkin?" "Parents would teach kids to do the moon cake this two days micro-blog search, or brush circle of friends, we are not difficult to find, with Halloween related news gradually shuabing. The production of pumpkin lights have been drying up the Internet, many of which have been photographed in the South相关的主题文章: