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It was cold, simple soup can warm the body, eat beef casserole * * – Sohu can be more than skin first feel the temperature change is the stomach. Remember the moment the cup has moved from the blue button of the water dispenser to the red. Almost instinctively follow the need for food with heat. When the beef vermicelli pot, remember passing a lot of cool autumn evening, from Grandma’s kitchen filled with the aroma of temperature. Beef vermicelli soft, delicious, pot boiling out white gas let Grandma squinting, she always side to my bowl and a spoon, while talking about don’t catch a cold. For so many years, whenever the weather turns cool, I will start the habit of soup, like to drink a pot of hot soup, will be able to withstand the cold of winter. The cake: drink only meow all adults complete lie flat * * approach of preparing food: mushroom, bean sprouts, cabbage, tofu, potato powder sirloin wash cut into thick slices. 1 sirloin, cold water into the pot, add wine, onion ginger, after the fire to boil, skim floating foam, turn a small fire to simmer for about 1 hours, filled out soup back. 2, into the casserole beef broth, add soy sauce and oyster sauce, the stewed sirloin and other ingredients into the cover and cook all the ingredients to ripe. 3, before the pan salt and red chilli oil. Finish! I am a pot of hot soup against all cold ginger old knife. Keep a stray cat, running a film company. In order not to pay overtime, I began to cook for my employees to eat. "Eclipse" is our meals to children to eat. Although not a professional cook, but is absolutely professional chowhound. Welcome to our food and cats. Simple life, more romantic than poetry. Warm up your heart and stomach相关的主题文章: