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Python was invented almost 24 year ago in the late 1980s and was conceived as a hobby programming language by its founder Guido Van Rossum in Nederlands. Currently, it is amongst the top 8 most accepted programming languages since the year 2008. However, it is recently discovered that Python works well as a useful tool for new programmers. Right now, Python is the most accepted first language in majority of American colleges. It has dethroned Java to become the junior programmers initial exposure to writing code. Data indicates that 80% of the top 39 Computer Science departments teach Python in their initial courses. Even corporate like Google, NASA, Yahoo encourages and adopts Python for junior as well as senior software programmers. We enlist the reasons why Python makes a good first language to learn for first time learners. Very easy to learn Python is a very simple language. Beginner programmers learning the language can start applying it immediately to create software applications. Beginners love the simplicity and ease of use to create applications right away. Python has no excessive and unnecessary code that makes it simple to grasp tough concepts quite easily. The English language used with similar sentence structure makes it easy to learn Python. Beginners claim to have started learning Python development code and within just 7 days they have created their own calculators and basic text editors using Python. Requires minimum setup Python requires minimum set-up. One can start with Python immediately. On a PC, locate the PowerShell application and open it. Else, while using a Mac, locate the Terminal application and open it. To show you just how easy it is to get started with Python, lets literally get started with Python. A blank box will open where the programmer can write the programming code. One can easily try it right now. Simply write python and click Enter. Python will start running. Else, users may see something such as: python is not recognized else something equivalent. Now simply, download Python 2 and attempt again. In either case, it will take just a single word for your computer to run Python. It is as simple. No more coding, most are there inside the library: As a beginner, programmers are usually not so efficient in handling task in an optimized manner. There is a strong gap between coding and efficient coding and it must be taken cared by every programmer for the benefit of the project work. As a learner, with python one can get enough scope during coding in terms of in built methods and classes that are available within the library. Python comes with a huge library consisting of all major day-to-day required methods and classes in building highly optimized software applications. At the same moment, these resources are extremely compartible with the source code of the language and hence they give adequate room for the developer in developing efficient and optimized software applications with less effort, time and expertise. Good support community- that increases its volume over time: A recent survey has unfolded an unexpected result regarding the popularity of python in the industry. As per the report, python is the most popular technology of the industry by over shadowing the evergreen java in the survey. This indicated the true potential and popularity of the technology among the Python developers and it results in a huge support community in the tech industry. As a learner, one can get sufficient benefit from the support community of python; because he will always find a helping hand from the community when he traped by any complicated programming situation. Moreover, the support is instant and to the point and it can definitely help any beginner in handling quick bugs. Simple English code Python is extremely simple. In fact, it is so simple that we can write the first Python application right now. If Python is still running from the last point, type quit on the PC else CTRL-Z on the Mac to exit. Now let us build a new blank Python file using Nano, a basic command line text editor. Just provide it any name and end it with the suffix .py and the computer will recognize that this is a program meant to be read by Python. The nano prompt immediately opens it in Nano. This is the most basic Python program you can write, a command that simply prints the words Hello world on your computer screen. Compare it to C++ or Java Hello World programs, which go several lines long. There are no cryptic variables and no unnecessary syntax. Any layman can view this one line and recognize its purpose. Save, and then run the file with the python command. Itll print your program: 1) Python is intuitive Pythons syntax is crafted to follow the principle of least surprise. This is performed consistently well. However, the standard libraries usually do not follow same consistency. 2) Python utilizes dynamic typing Python uses dynamic typing. Types are transparent distinct from a majority of other dynamically-typed languages. This results in negligible type-related drawbacks. Dynamic typing features a few conceptual advantages especially in an educational setting. Types are related with values and not variables. This makes the program more intuitive as it is the reason for programs to actually crash. Certain essential concepts such as duck typing and parametric polymorphism are available complimentary within a dynamic language and needs extremely complex type systems within a static language. 3) Errors Appear On Runtime A learner programmer is more likely to make mistakes. Python makes it simple to spot and rectify these mistakes instantly. That is because Python presents errors during run time, and does not simply fail to compile the program. Open, the program, we wrote sometime back and deliberately make an error. When we attempt to run the program, Python points out where the code was incorrect. Python does not display a blank screen like other conventional languages. Python runs the buggy program to assists a programmer to troubleshoot it. Generally, there are more students and not sufficient teachers. Python solves basic problems directly and helps in quick learning and rectification of code by the software itself. For all these reasons, Python is the most popular first language in a majority of schools. It is great even for students not quite inclined towards math and science. Its popularity is hardly surprising. 相关的主题文章: