Is for you! Why do ordinary people buy a car with a low allocation (video)

Is for you! Why do ordinary people buy a car with a low car with low allocation of why it is difficult to buy? Today, the car market is quite prosperous, a lot of competing brands, people choose to buy a car is also quite large. In order for different consumer groups, the same car will have a different configuration, with low, with high. Many people do not buy a car from the practical point of departure, the car should be to buy the right, not to buy expensive. But there are still a lot of people, in order to face, the pursuit of expensive car! The biggest feature is the car instead of walking, of course is the premise of safety and security. Car development so far, if the car on the market is not safe, then they can not sell. You can rest assured that, even with the sale of low distribution vehicles, security is guaranteed. High car than low car, in addition to functional configuration and material degree of luxury will be different, there is no difference between the other. An ordinary person, with the car panoramic sunroof, leather seats, these are essential to you? Not necessarily. Many high car have automatic parking function, do not know to the end of the year, the owners of these a few times? High car, although the configuration is rich, but the maintenance cost is not low, but also because of rich configuration, the vehicle failure rate increases. More importantly, the rich configuration of the car owners are actually useless, just a waste. In the eyes of people who understand the car, the vehicle is only a tool of transportation. No need to buy a car because of the face with the car. The car is a tool, but now it is regarded as a symbol of status and status of wealth, perhaps a special consumer psychology, the pursuit of good, not the pursuit of the right. Can only say that the mentality of the people is a distortion! If the car manufacturers are producing low-cost cars, I believe that the rich will only buy a low car. While the high car exists, is in fact for those who consume enough economic strength. However, the influence of various consumer attitudes, even if the economic strength is not enough people choose high car, which will undoubtedly make people sigh. Xiao Bian said buy low car, for ordinary people, of course, money to buy with no ground for blame!相关的主题文章: