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Mobile-Cell-Phone When everybody all over the world kept awaiting the breakthrough of Apple’s iPhone, iPhone 4S came out to be the most amazing phone yet although it might not give people so many surprises. However, Siri is one of the most creative feature. And android cell phone also published its similar apps to .pete Siri. Definitely, this voice recognition feature can be the biggest selling point in the up.ing Thanksgiving Day. What You Need to Know about iPhone 4S Apparently, the iPhone 4S is just the same as the iPhone4. Unless you have a very sensitive hand to detect it since it is slightly heavier. However, camera of iPhone 4S is just impressive. Taking pictures on the 4S is much quicker and taking extra pictures is too. It is almost like firing the motordrive on an SLR camera. Apple says it takes 1.1 second to get to the "click" part, faster than any android phone. If you have an iPhone 4, the least .pelling reason to upgrade is speed. It has a dual-core A5 chip and it is demonstrably faster than the iPhone 4. When it .es to Siri, the greatest feature of this phone, it really works, and it is super smart. Not what you would call a .prehensive test, but it shows that it is location-aware, context-aware, and works without training. The design is very neat. When you press the home button, the interface .es up. You can ask it to "search the web", but note that Apple is now an intermediate, which can see what searches are being done. That’s useful to Apple. But remember it uses Siri’s servers, so a working connection will be needed. Google Android Smartphone Offers Apps Like Siri According to the latest news, Android phones offer apps similar to iPhone’s Siri. If you were one of those Android users seduced by Siri"s charms, you may want to listen up. It is reported by San Francisco Chronicle that Edwin, Speaktoit and Vlingo for Android smartphone that offers a similar experience like Siri. As Siri is fully integrated into the iPhone’s system, neither Edwin nor Speaktoit and Vilingo seems to match all the capabilities of Siri. But the Android apps .e similar as Siri. They let you use natural language to ask questions and issue voice .mands, and Edwin and Speaktoit respond in a female voice similar to Siri’s. Moreover, these apps are free. More information about android cell phone can be view on shopsimple… As the Thanksgiving Day is around the corner, the new apps of android smartphone will certainly be.e the strong point to .pete with Apple’s iPhone 4S in the holiday season. Which one will you choose then? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: