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IPad Pro listed 6 weeks to win over Microsoft Surface to sell the entire season – Sohu science and technology research institutions IDC latest data show that apple iPad sales despite continued slide, but the market share is still the world’s first. In addition, iPad Pro even parity pupp, but went on sale in the first quarter of sales has surpassed Microsoft Surface product line. According to IDC statistics, iPad sold 16 million 100 thousand units in the fourth quarter of 2015, with an annual decrease of 24.8%, and the city share dropped from 28.1% to 24.5%. IPad has been in recession for eight consecutive seasons, and the market rumors Apple will launch iPad Air 3 early in March, hoping to restore the decline. The good news is that iPad Pro shipped more than 2 million units in the quarter, compared with Microsoft Surface, the entire product line is only 1 million 600 thousand units. What is more commendable is that iPad Pro is only listed in mid November 2015, so iPad Pro only takes about 6 weeks to surpass the Surface tablet sales in the whole season, and IDC believes that this achievement is a success for iPad Pro. Samsung Galaxy series tablet shipments also year by 18.1% to 9 million units, the market share fell from 14.4% to 13.7%, and second. Amazon should be the biggest black horse in the season, when flat plate shipments surged by 175.7%, the city’s share doubled from 2.5% to 7.9%. Lenovo and HUAWEI separated 4, 5, the city accounted for 4.8% and 3.4% respectively. On the whole, the global fourth tablet total shipments of 207 million units, compared with the same period in 2014, 10.1% decline. (by MoneyDJ authorized reprint news source: Flickr Brett jordanCC; homepage BY 2)

iPad Pro上市6周赢过微软Surface卖整季-搜狐科技      调研机构 IDC 最新数据显示,苹果 iPad 销售量尽管持续溜滑梯,但市占率仍是全球第一。另外,iPad Pro 尽管平价普普,但开卖后第一季的销售量已超越微软 Surface 产品线。   据 IDC 统计,iPad 2015 年第四季卖出 1,610 万台,年减 24.8%,市占率从 28.1% 掉至 24.5%。iPad 已连续八季呈现衰退,市场传言苹果将提早在 3 月推出 iPad Air 3,希望挽回颓势。   好消息是 iPad Pro 当季出货量超过 200 万台,对照微软 Surface 整个产品线才 160 万台。更难能可贵的是,iPad Pro 2015 年 11 月中旬才上市,因此 iPad Pro 只花约 6 周的时间就超越 Surface 平板整季的销售量,IDC 认为这样的成绩对 iPad Pro 而言算是成功。   三星 Galaxy 系列平板出货量亦年减 18.1% 至 900 万台,市占率从 14.4% 下滑至 13.7%,仍居第二名。   亚马逊应是当季最大黑马,当季平板出货量暴增 175.7%,市占率从 2.5% 翻倍至 7.9%。联想与华为分居 4、5 名,市占率各为 4.8% 与 3.4%。   加总来看,全球第四平板总出货量为 2.07 亿台,较 2014 年同期衰退 10.1%。   (本文由 MoneyDJ新闻授权转载;首图来源:Flickr brett jordanCC BY 2.0)相关的主题文章: