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Inventory of those worthless car manufacturers – Sohu car yes! In the preceding paragraph "King" in cross-border suction eye of numerous "actors" Liu Tao once again cross! This time she went to the comedy "Nemo", partner with Shen Teng began to play pieces, and began competing comic "actor" Li Chen. The entertainment industry is really lively, almost no boundaries. And the same love "crossover" and many of the world’s automobile manufacturers, some of them are from other industries turned over, but some cars do well, go to other industries, today we’ll take a look at those worthless car manufacturers! The debut of the Honda ASIMO car in 2000, no wheels, nor passengers. The latest is only 130 cm high, 45 cm wide, weighing about 48 kg, the speed is only about 9 kilometers per hour. Charging a 3 hour, only one hour life. Although there are so many shortcomings, but it is not good for nothing. At least it can recognize people, say hello to shake hands with people, can give people the tea guide. Honda so much effort to create it in the end want to do? Is it enough to earn money in the automotive industry, the future direction for the development of "speculative"? Do you think it’s enough for Honda to play with motorcycles, cars and robots? As early as the end of the last century in 80s, Honda eyeing a small jet jet market. The first concept machine in the United States in 2003, the first successful test flight, in 2004 to enter the commercial development stage, in 2005 in the world’s largest aviation gathering – EAA flying conference to complete the first show. Its appearance can be described as "two engine personal independence of conduct", installed in the main wing above, this can make the cockpit to maximize space. The final production model HA-420 can carry 4~6 passengers and two crew members, cruising speed of 682 km / h, mileage of about 2200 km, priced at about $4 million 500 thousand. Honda claims this is the similar products in the highest flight, the fastest and the most comfortable, most fuel-efficient and maintenance the cheapest models. Well, Honda is really for those who can afford to buy such a small plane of the "poor" broken heart. Ford was first involved in the aviation industry during the first World War, the United States government for the production of 3950 sets of "free" aircraft engine. After the war, Ford took a fancy to the air transport market, acquired the Stout metal aircraft company and built its own airport. However, Henry · Ford saw the company’s 3-AT aircraft, a serious shortage of power, he fired the designer squid, hiring redesign, and in June 1926 launched Trimotor models. Trimotor is also Tri-motor (three engine). It has three star engine, can carry 3 crew members and 8~10 passengers. By the end of 1933 when the production of a total of 199, widely used in domestic civil aviation routes, but also a small amount of exports to other countries. Although toss for so many years, but Ford aviation sector did not earn!相关的主题文章: