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Interview with the new generation writer Hu Xiaosan: Martial Arts Road in where? Sohu read some people say that since the beginning of the network literature flourished, that is, when the martial arts novels decline. Over the years, as long as the martial arts, people to mind the name of Jin Yong, Liang Yusheng, Gu is still only the old writers, and those colorful dreams in young people, can only turn to other types of novel market, hasty adaptation, with another way to win. Then in the popular fantasy, Xian Xia A new force suddenly rises. era tide, how to break the shackles of the martial arts novels, to reproduce the past glory? Today we have 85, and after new martial arts writer Mr. Hu Xiaosan chat development and prospect about martial arts novels.  : reporter: can Mr. Hu talk to us about the current market of martial arts novels? Hu Xiaosan: I often say, Kungfu novels have been in an awkward stage of dating. We say martial arts, said is "Jin Gu Liang Wen" these famous predecessors, absolutely ignorant of other young writers most people. Why? Fewer and fewer people write martial arts, there are more achievements. In more than ten years ago has a number of outstanding 70 martial arts writer, works also have a very high level, but with the martial arts market downturn, the rise of network literature, these outstanding young martial arts writers have mostly transcribed other types of novels, such as fantasy, Xian, repair. So a dozen years ago, the so-called "mainland new martial arts" splendid situation, like the long gone when flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, weather. Reporter: do you want to go to the transformation? Why martial arts novels will be depressed, so bleak? Hu Xiaosan: I never thought about the past, because I have my heart, or that I know what type of writing is the most suitable for their own. The reason for temporary decline of the martial arts novels, is also very simple: any old things will be new things temporarily upstaged. Just like when the film just appeared to grab the limelight of the drama, TV just appeared and robbed the limelight of the film, but they did not die because of a temporary decline, but in today’s era of glory. If the drama not reform and innovation, none of this would be hard to get a vote of the situation; if the film is always silent black and white, it is inevitable that the dead. The same is true of martial arts novels, only the pioneering, innovation, in order to make itself out of the dilemma, dismal decline. Of course, we still need to have a lonely heart, firm and indomitable. Reporter: do you have any ideas or insights about the innovation of martial arts novels? Hu Xiaosan: opinions do not dare to say, personal experience is that there are some. The innovation of martial arts novels should be multifaceted, not baseless creations several sets of new martial arts is innovation, it is naive. This includes the four aspects of the world system, ideology, rivers and lakes, martial arts system. These are not a few words can be said clearly, but eventually, innovation is no special. Martial arts, martial arts, if you really understand the meaning of these two words, you can call it "Xia Wu", the first man and man in the Wu, Wu, Wu Xia, each other, complement each other. Dazzling fighting, magical martial arts, but is false "specious writing, wuhan.相关的主题文章: