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Interview with Li Yifeng, Dongyu Zhou: some of the feelings of the play – Sohu entertainment,, entertainment, entertainment, and so on, accepted the interview with Sohu. Sohu entertainment news (self reflection Xuan Zhuang Xiuwen Tucker Ming video) by Li Yifeng, Dongyu Zhou starred in the Spy Drama "sparrow" revolution [opera] is the Sohu of Hunan satellite TV broadcast, video synchronization. In the play Li Yifeng played barber born Chen deep, on the surface he is a well of Shanghai "shiraai people" (a position, Dandy), but behind the glitz can summon wind and call for rain, and he is a silent warrior. Always give people the feeling of small Lolita Dongyu Zhou in the play as the romantic temperament of outstanding Xu Bicheng, she was in love with Chen deep, but it is the name of the wife of the sea of Tangshan. Recently, the Sohu entertainment interview with Li Yifeng and Dongyu Zhou, talk about some of them for the first time appeared in the spy drama. Talking about the emotional drama and Dongyu Zhou, Li Yifeng said: there are some, should not have no." Li Yifeng because before taking part in the activities of the "political space" by fans affectionately known as "the political commissar Li, the star of red drama, many viewers think he got it" found his right to open the way ", this" political commissar Li said: "did survive the addiction". For with "old gun" have faith with the award for best supporting actor, political commissar Li moved out of the predecessors, smiled and answered: "participation." Dongyu Zhou evaluation of Li Yifeng look good, treat people friendly, usually very serious, and occasionally come down (funny). Here the brain to fill up the old cadres Li Yifeng stay Meng image. Dongyu Zhou in the "sparrow", a "pretty woman" feeling, the all rookie deeds, may let the audience want to swing every minute, but later will be transformed into real revolutionary fighters. In the play, she has a Sadomasochism and Li Yifeng. Turning to emotional drama, Li Yifeng said: there are some, should not have no." Fear of being singled out for acting? Must be picked! But or have the opportunity to try, do not hesitate to Sohu Entertainment: there are a lot of spy drama market, why choose two starred in "sparrow"? Li Yifeng: because just came to me the first Spy Drama book is "sparrow", just the script and nice. Dongyu Zhou: I did not have a more appropriate time during the play, and this script is very good, but also to cooperate with the male god. Li Yifeng laughs: "let’s not be so polite two." Dongyu Zhou: "that’s true." Sohu Entertainment: two previous youth idol play theme more, the first pick to play the Spy Drama There is no fear and hesitation? Li Yifeng: my fear is that everyone will think this is what a spy drama? I also talk with the producers, they are hoping that the New Spy Drama feeling, so find such actors to shoot this spy drama. I also hope that there are more forms of actors can be tried in different subjects, we will have a fresh feeling to accept. Sohu Entertainment: do you mean to say that before the play are some of the old play bone, the strength to play the old play bone to shoot, there will be a lot of fans groups of young actors to shoot, there will be new.相关的主题文章: