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Inner Mongolia: the establishment of discipline inspection and supervision of cadres online supervision and reporting platform – Beijing to "top leaders", team members and key positions as the key for the supervision of seamless full coverage; supervision of prominent political discipline, work discipline, honest discipline, confidentiality discipline and other aspects of the whole process, the internal supervision throughout the discipline inspection and supervision of cadres to perform their duties; seize the key parts of the power operation, the important power of comprehensive supervision, under the effective supervision of power operation in…… The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region through the improvement of institutional mechanisms to strengthen discipline inspection and supervision of cadres. Innovation supervision channels. The establishment of Inner Mongolia discipline inspection and supervision of cadres online supervision and reporting platform, to achieve online and offline business reported receiving treatment, facilitate supervision from all walks of life; take "one to one" way to visit the 12 Union City Party committee and government, the NPC and CPPCC main leaders, to listen to their opinions and suggestions of the discipline inspection organs, to expand the channels of social supervision; to convene the NPC and CPPCC, non party personages such as forum, play the role of social supervision to solicit opinions on how to broaden the channels of supervision, and payment of all 249 questionnaires. "Zero tolerance discipline". On the admissibility of the discipline inspection and supervision of cadres of discipline problems clues, one by one number, disposal strictly according to the standard, so everything has an echo, each piece is nowhere to be found. To verify the problem, found together, investigated and dealt with, together with public notification, the formation of a strong deterrent. In 3 years, autonomous Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of cadres room accepted the petition report issues preliminary verification clues 295, 141, and 63 people were admonishing conversation. Autonomous Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee also specifically on the Autonomous Region Party Committee inspection group to found in Union City, counties in the District Commission for discipline inspection inspection problems clues to listen to the report, put forward specific opinions. Take the democratic evaluation, questionnaire, visit investigation object, thorough investigation and other methods, the discipline inspection and supervision of cadres in accordance with the law to fulfill their duties and self-discipline to inspect. At present, the region’s 12 League cities have set up a cadre oversight body, clear specific personnel and leaders in charge. The upper and lower linkage is established to do petition discipline inspection and supervision organs assigned by the Union City report problems clues of work system, and organize the supervision of cadres training courses, regular learning exchanges, enhance supervision and management ability. (the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection)相关的主题文章: