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India man has no money to hire his wife’s body to walk 12 kilometers home – Sohu News Information Times reported in India, an impoverished man has no money to hire, had to carry his wife’s body, and the 12 year old daughter walking home from the hospital. According to British media reported on August 25th, the man called Mahi, his wife died of tuberculosis died in India of a regional hospital in orissa. Ma Xi said in his village, 60 kilometers away, he had no money to hire, the hospital refused out of the car, he had to shoulder his wife’s body home on foot. The family members took the body: Ma Xi said, his wife died on the night of 23, the hospital should he then took it away, on the morning of the 24 day he had to carry the body of his wife to leave the hospital. His 12 year old daughter came home with his mother’s body. But the hospital authorities denied allegations that he and Ma, to remove her body, without notice to the hospital. After walking 12 km later in the ambulance carrying the body of the horse walked after a distance of 12 km, was stopped, and finally came to an ambulance. Area funeral director said she heard the horse after the encounter, immediately sent a car to transport the body of his wife. The Orissa government announced a plan in February this year, pledged to send to send the remains of the hearse poor home from the hospital. After the encounter, the government announced the launch of the plan in 25. International station相关的主题文章: