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India "lightning change money" chaos caused by market turmoil social unrest in the original title: India "lightning change money" caused by the chaos of market turmoil triggered social unrest in India [Global Times special correspondent Zhou Liangchen Global Times special correspondent Liu Haoran] India government "blitz" policy implementation notes, the abolition of large amounts of money circulation, because many areas a bank run phenomenon leads to social chaos and panic, all kinds of chaos emerge in an endless stream. According to the CNN reported on 12, according to the Modi administration’s new deal, "big money" means to replace the 23 billion bill circulation in the market, accounting for about 80% of the total circulation, so that India’s economy and people’s livelihood is highly dependent on the cash flow is facing serious challenges. Since 10, almost every day there are millions of people in India rushed to the bank to exchange currency. But because the notes often in a short period of time are extracted out, leading to public anger, scuffles broke out from time to time, even the women so Dutch act. According to "India times" reported on 12, in southern Kerala, a 48 year old man in line at the bank from the 3 floor of the building fall dead; a 73 year old Mumbai lined up outside the bank when sudden cardiac death; there is a woman in India for his son to marry the accumulation of a large number of large amounts of cash, not after that all of the bank to pay high taxes and therefore chose a newborn for Dutch act; the hospital refused the old version of the 500 yuan bill to delay the diagnosis and treatment of death rupees. According to Reuters, the old city of New Delhi, the capital of the two banks also broke out 12 small-scale stampede. At that time, thousands of queuing "queues" that was quickly change the light notes, anger, frustration rising suddenly pushed forward, resulting in many people down, people also smashed the glass door into the bank, the bank wantonly destroyed. For the vast majority of India people, because the old version of the bill can not be used for consumption, not enough time to change people suddenly into the plight of the new banknotes. Mumbai resident Solange in a bank door waiting hours failed, complained: "life was completely disrupted……" Reuters said, "big money" affect the normal business activities, the New Delhi vegetable market some operators said ready to go out of business, because the capital turnover does not come". "Big money" also led to some speculators looking crazy money, some services to drive up prices. According to India’s first post website reported on the 13, Mumbai, some grocery stores under the banner of old banknotes can be collected to sell the price of salt and other necessities of life ten times. Many taxi drivers and three wheeled motorcycle drivers that can receive 500 rupees or RS 1000 rupees, but do not change. A lot of people trying to change money on unscrupulous trouble: New Delhi, a building contractor for workers in advance for two years salary, all with the old money. The British BBC quipped, "big money" also created a number of India’s version of "Desperate Housewives" – the country’s most married women love to put a little bit of "case-dough" to prepare the note for some possible period of want or need, women expressed frustration, "there is no secret at all". Some had to rely on the "gray economy" the survival of the population has become helpless. According to "2"相关的主题文章: