In order to maintain the lovers in Guangdong a woman abducted baby are posing as relatives-boee

In order to maintain the lovers in Guangdong a woman abducted baby posing as relatives are to maintain the original title: lovers "feelings" Guangdong woman was abducted baby relatives with her boyfriend in order to maintain the feelings of a woman abducted relatives born baby posing as his boyfriend’s baby, the results of his own jail. Recently, Yangjiang City Intermediate People’s court made the final judgment, the defendant pingmou guilty of the crime of child abduction, sentenced in three years and six months. Feng Mou is a married woman. After having two children, she received a ligation operation. After that, the husband and wife were separated because of the disharmony between their husband and wife, and they went to Shenzhen to work only. During the work in Shenzhen City, pingmou met her boyfriend Chen, in order to maintain the feelings of two people, in March 2015 she pretended to have Chen child, and in January 2016 in Yangxi County of Yangjiang city that he gave birth to Chen’s child. In mid January 2016, Chen said to pick pingmou Yangxi mother back home to live together. In order to cope with the arrival of Chen pingmou, the niece of the initiation abducted Hwang born about 2 month old baby, posing as their babies to raise the idea. In January 18, 2016 14 PM, pingmou driving a motorcycle to assist women victims Huang home to help take care of the baby in the name of Huang Huang, while pay attention to the machine, the baby out of the house on the motorcycle pedal box, secretly bringing babies to a friend’s cake shop, give the friend beam some help take care of. After Huang Yansheng and his family discovered that the baby was missing, they immediately called the police. After that, the police station called to ask Feng to take an investigation in the past. When Feng returned to Huang’s door, he was arrested by the police station. (reporter Yang Shihua correspondent Feng Xinying Chen Ruifeng)

为维系恋人感情 广东一女子拐骗亲戚婴儿冒充己生   原标题:为维系恋人“感情” 广东一女子竟拐骗亲戚婴儿   为了维系与男朋友的感情,一女子拐走亲戚家婴儿冒充自己为男朋友所生的婴儿,结果把自己送进了监狱。近日,阳江市中级法院作出终审判决,被告人冯某犯拐骗儿童罪,判处有期徒刑三年六个月 。   冯某是已婚妇女,生育了两名小孩后接受了结扎手术,后因夫妻感情不和而分居,只身到深圳市打工。在深圳市打工期间,冯某认识了男朋友陈某,为了维系两人的感情,她在2015年3月谎称自己怀上陈某的小孩,并于2016年1月谎称自己在阳江市阳西县生育了陈某的小孩。2016年1月中旬,陈某表示要来阳西接冯某“母子”回家乡一起生活。为应付陈某的到来,冯某萌生拐走其外甥女即被害人黄某所生的约2个月大的婴儿,冒充自己所生的婴儿来抚养的念头。   2016年1月18日14时许,冯某驾驶一辆女装助力摩托来到被害人黄某家里,以帮助黄某照顾婴儿为名,趁黄某不注意之机,将婴儿抱出屋放到摩托车脚踏处的纸箱里,偷偷地将婴儿带到朋友的蛋糕店里,交给朋友梁某帮忙照看。后黄燕声及家人发现婴儿不见了马上报警,之后派出所民警打电话要求冯某过去接受调查,冯某返回到黄某家门口时被派出所民警抓获。(记者 杨世华 通讯员 冯馨莹 陈瑞锋)相关的主题文章: