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If they learn to drink the juice is thin and beautiful lead: almost every little experience of love will tell you that the importance of drinking juice. (source: ETUDE fashion network) as the most proximate cause, "we have come to the" once again active in front of all the Angie Chiu recently in an interview said, "no matter how late, will remain 8 to 10 hours of sleep. Followed by eating habits. Breakfast will drink a glass of fruit juice, every day is not the same." Beautiful Carina Lau is only the morning drink a cup of juice, apple, tomato, grape, grapefruit rotation as a daily meal staple food, and with half an hour a day of stair climbing movement. Love love sports beer Ivy Chen also has a liking for fruit juice, in addition to drinking beer and sports, Ivy Chen every morning to eat bird’s nest (Tihua Street bought cooked fresh carrot, bird’s Nest) drink + Apple + Lemon out of juice, eat two pieces of gold kiwifruit. Big cousin also juice lovers, her breakfast for a cup of lemon honey water, she also reminded, honey water not breakfast with hot water, do not use metal spoon stirring, nutrition structure will destroy honey. With the children of rich handsome little meat with supermodel freaky Miranda Kerr is a set of exclusive formula of fruit juice, she was so happy to see that this juice more effective! Have to say is fruit juice plays a certain role in their lives, but if we all hope all put in the juice is obviously not realistic, but after the fruit squeezed into juice effective components of fruits are also affected, drink juice is just a method of adjustment, in addition to drink juice but also pay attention to daily maintenance. If you are a person with fun, you can choose a variety of mixed juice. There are a few secret recipe to share the younger sister paper, but also hope to be useful to you: tomato lemon juice materials: 2 tomatoes, lemon, honey, the amount of 2, cold water 50cc. Method: the peeled tomatoes cut into pieces, into the blender, and then add honey, stirring with cold water, and finally add lemon juice and ice can be. Tip: lemon is rich in vitamin C, inhibit melanin production, drink can help the skin against ultraviolet light. In addition, the tomato has the effect of lowering blood pressure and clearing away heat and toxic materials. Mix together with the right amount of honey flavor, you can play the efficacy of detoxification whitening, to prevent the stain is very effective. Carrot juice beauty materials: carrot, orange, lemon juice, honey, ice: because the individual carrot juice is terrible, so you can add orange stir together. Then add the right amount of lemon juice, honey and ice cubes to drink. Tips: this a frozen drink it is very simple, but don’t underestimate such a cup of Dongdong, Fresh Carrot Juice contains carotene and vitamins, can stimulate the skin to promote blood circulation, The new supersedes the old., so that rosy color has a unique effect on skin health beauty. Carrot juice is best to drink in the morning when fasting, because it is more conducive to gastrointestinal absorption. Orange pineapple juice ingredients: pineapple 100 grams, liu.相关的主题文章: