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If Apple was ordered back to the United States full production, MIT: the price of $100 – [Technews] new technology science and technology Sohu President Obama once asked Jobs why Apple is not produced in the United States, when Jobs told him, in addition to China labor cost is relatively cheap, China also provides technical labor market flexibility factory. And parts suppliers competitors faster than the United states. When Trump took office, manufacturing back to the United States issue will continue to spread, MIT from the assembly, spare parts, raw materials three level, evaluate the possibility of iPhone production back to the u.s.. MIT reported that apple is now in the world has 7 seat iPhone assembly plant, of which 6 in China, a seat in Brazil, if the iPhone production in the United States, but still parts from all over the world, whether it will affect the price of the product? According to the IHS report, iPhone 6S Plus price of $749, the cost of $230, iPhone SE price of $399, cost about $156. IHS iPhone estimates the assembly cost $4, Syracuse University professor Jason Dedrick of information is estimated to be $10, Dedrick believes that if the assembly back to the United States, the assembly will increase the cost of $30-40, in addition to an increase in labor costs, most are transported to the transportation and logistics additional parts spending in the United states. If other costs remain unchanged, iPhone 6S Plus price may increase by 5%, a iPhone 6S Plus price may be $779-789. What are the benefits of returning to the United States? Apple supplier hired 1 million 600 thousand employees, but the final assembly stage only accounted for very little proportion, even if Apple can persuade Foxconn or other suppliers to the United States assembled iPhone, single assembly plant is to move to the United States, Trump to the electorate is also difficult to achieve. That being the case, the parts suppliers are all back to the United States production? Reported that apple iPhone, iPad, Mac and other products of all 766 suppliers, there are 346 in China, the 126 in Japan, the 69 in the United States, Taiwan has a total of 41. IPhone glass suppliers are Corelle, Corelle’s factory in Kentucky, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan. In iPhone SE, touch screen and the computer chip cost $20 the most expensive, another high cost is the processor, Apple’s own design to the processor, Samsung and TSMC production, communication chip is high design cost $15 and $15, NAND DRAM, power management chip for $6.5, and the radio amplifier. Transceiver is $15. A lot of wafer production is a contract with suppliers, it is difficult to know where the real manufacturing sites, such as the global wafer相关的主题文章: