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Ice cream two times frozen toxic?  : no reliable rumor expert! Sichuan Channel – original title: ice cream two times frozen toxic experts rumor: not reliable?! After autumn should eat less food cold stomach, health advice, but in Guangzhou, the weather is still hot awesome, like ice cream or ice cream popsicles favorites, especially a lot of students after school love to patronize a small store to buy ice cream. Recently, a "ice cream two times frozen will produce soluble toxic protein" circulated on the Internet, the ice cream melted and frozen to remind people not to eat. In this regard, nutrition experts said that this argument is not scientific, clinical has not encountered a soluble protein poisoning patients. However, the frozen food, in terms of preservation of food need to pay attention to, repeated thawing of food easy to breed bacteria, not only affect the taste, nutrients will be reduced. Ice cream two times frozen toxic experts rumor: not reliable?! Recently, about two will have a frozen ice cream soluble toxic protein on the body of harmful substances that cause concern. Reported that if the ice cream store is not up to the required storage temperature will cause structural changes, even harmful substances, such as soluble protein and amine etc.. Sweet Miss Chen told reporters that in the freezer have seen a lot of deformation of the ice cream, when she will choose to buy ice cream in the deep freezer, try not to buy ice cream deformation. In fact, buy some ice cream melting deformation situation, many people have encountered, especially in a small store or bulk purchase home storage, the children do not pay attention on eating ice cream, so "melting deformation and frozen ice cream or containing soluble protein" news came out in the online heat transfer the deformation of the ice cream, can eat? Public nutritionist Mr. Gong told reporters that the protein is an essential nutrient, a soluble protein, but not soluble protein ", usually protein itself is not toxic. In this regard, nutrition well-known V, Nutrition Department of Beijing Friendship Hospital dietitian Gu in also wrote an article entitled "the two frozen ice cream will produce toxic protein? Experts don’t talk! "The article said, in terms of available scientific evidence, consumers do not need to worry about only slight deformation, after two times of frozen ice cream will produce toxic protein. Fish and seafood is the occurrence of improper preservation of amine rancid taste, amine substance is toxic protein in the process of corruption, rotten like ice cream you can eat? Freezing is a way of holding the protein structure, not put into a toxic non-toxic protein. Other ingredients in ice cream are common and safe ingredients and food additives, only by the temperature change will produce toxic protein is unfounded. The detection results of pathogenic bacteria of ice cream dozens of each big city shows that the detection rate is almost zero, but there have been unlicensed Street store to eat ice out of Staphylococcus aureus infections, often there are undocumented fake ice cream shop sales have been punished, should be vigilant. It is reported that the protein may cause harm to the human body, there are three main situations: first, the occurrence of protein deterioration, decomposition of harmful substances, such as protein rich eggs, milk and other deterioration, decomposition of sulfide相关的主题文章: