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Hulk comeback was angry all of North Korean media: AFC Champions League suffered a major problem –   sports Sohu; Beijing on September 10th news injury 2 months Hulk Hulk, the super stadium will return! The port of Shanghai with his plum to open two degrees, more than 2 to 2 in the draw with Beijing Guoan home court. Today, the Hong Kong expedition to South Korea, 14 in the League finals for AFC Champions League and Jeonbuk Hyundai second rounds of competition. "Seoul sports" and other major South Korean media also timely disclosure of the outstanding performance, Hulk said: "the Hulk injury! How to prevent him become a major problem in the north in front of the great damage." Korean media reports, has been playing in Japan’s J league from the Russian super Hulk Zenit this year at the Asian Football Market in the history of the highest record — 55 million 800 thousand euros worth joining in the new port of Shanghai. After 20 minutes in the first show in July 8th, he entered the injury list. In the last night, after a lapse of 2 months of injury. The first half, the Hulk scored positive performance, desire is very strong, take several kicks and corners, are straight to the goal and the enemy. Hulk in the second half of the real. Fiftieth minutes, he suddenly shot, with a super world wave to break the deadlock. This goal is completely show the hulk of the power of the individual, the keeper did not respond instantly. The final stage, the Hulk rely on personal ability, resulting in the opponents penalty area handball in the side after the break, he had to take the penalty shot. After the game, a large number of Hong Kong fans gathered outside the stadium, shouting "come on AFC Champions League". Next Tuesday, Hong Kong will be in the league game against South Korea AFC Champions League Jeonbuk hyundai. Korean media pointed out that the 13 League 14 Finals held on AFC Champions League north of modern and Hong Kong on the second round of the competition, although the Hong Kong playmaker Dario Conca and El Eriksson each because of injuries and the cumulative suspension can not play, but big slugger Hulk has become a huge pressure in all of North line: "the return of Hulk the terrorist force is still alive, how to mark him to become a major issue for the 13 day of the North race. The two teams in the first round of 23 days last month to 0-0 goalless draw, the north in the target is to win the home court. If the north in the second round lost to the opponent; or on both sides in the second half goals kicked into a draw, in accordance with the AFC Champions League tournament will be eliminated, the whole of north." North coach Cui Kangxi said it would also specifically for the Hulk to develop relevant countermeasures: "we have confidence in the Hong Kong beat home court, promotion AFC Champions League four!" (Mai Yuan)相关的主题文章: