Hui Ruoqi, Zhang Changning,, recognition of Club Award (video) 1 million-9c8947

Hui Ruoqi Zhang Changning Gong Xiangyu won the recognition of the club award 1 million Zhu Ting Hui Ruoqi flowers Lang Ping warmth thank mentor Xinhua news agency in Nanjing on September 26th. Sports news (reporter Zhao Jiulong) 26, held in Changzhou "to promote women’s volleyball team spirit Chinese Zhongtian steel special report", from the women’s Volleyball Club Hui Ruoqi, Zhongtian steel 3 Olympic champion Zhang Changning, Gong Xiangyu won the award and each received 1 million yuan reward. Hui Ruoqi site as the theme of the report revealed that he had a heart surgery, and rely on tenacious perseverance to go now. She said, women’s volleyball team spirit is the unity of cohesion, not empty slogans, is the struggle for the same goal. Zhang Changning told reporters, often a child and grandmother went to Changzhou Hongmei Park and Tianning Temple to play, Changzhou is my home. Gong Xiangyu admitted that the results have become the past tense, she will strive to improve themselves, to re open the journey of struggle. It is understood that the development and expansion of enterprises at the same time, transit steel actively support the development of sports. Since 2011, zenith steel title has sponsored the Jiangsu men’s basketball team, four women’s basketball team championship, four men’s basketball tournament and other international events. 2013 to 2014 season, when the Jiangsu women’s volleyball team fell into the trough, Zhongtian Group spent $6 million to set up Zhongtian steel women’s Volleyball Club Co., ltd.. In just two years, from the bottom of the league’s transit became a powerful force in the domestic scene, the two consecutive season ranked the top three, and the emergence of a large number of national team and national team players, Hui Ruoqi, Zhang Changning, Gong Xiangyu 3 people selected Chinese Olympic team, won the China made illustrious military exploits for women in rio. (end)相关的主题文章: