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Huang Lei: put the experience into the "separation" – Culture – original title: Huang Lei put the experience into the "separation" for the audience to understand "love parting from all of the world’s love for a reunion, only one kind of love is to separate, is that parents love their children……" This is Huang Lei participating in "small separation" after the words from the bottom of the heart on the screen, always wise andwitty Huang, on the parent-child relationship and daughter’s feelings, become sentimental, also because of this, Beijing TV hit "farewell" worth looking forward to the audience and savor. Talking about the filming of the Department of family emotional drama, Huang Lei bluntly that they will feel a lot of life to the role of the body, including the interaction between him and the daughter of the blossoming. In the "small separation", Huang Lei played a radius of a family, career double harvest home good man. Huang Lei’s daughter a lot has been ten years old, and the age of a similar daughter blossoming, and Huang Lei will be a lot of his daughter experienced things into the plot: a lot has a classmate 3 years older than her, to go abroad in high school, parents do a farewell party for him, then everyone tears on the spot, we will have the second half of this drama plot." Over forty years of Huang Lei on this separation more and more empathy: "all love is to reunite, only one kind of love is to separate, is that parents love their children. At the end of the day, when my children are leaving, I say what can you take? Is the love that is given to you by your parents." Huang Lei said he now felt strongly, this separation is very close to his own, so he cherish the time together with her daughter. At the beginning of the creation, producer Huang Lei and director Wang Jun discussed, although the small separation about the sad thing, but still need more positive energy in the performance, so that people know love from the parting. So in the play, he put this feeling in the form of the comedy to reflect, lets the audience look, mournful but not distressing laugh with tears. On the "separation" understanding, Huang Lei think there are three important departure: one and their little parting, like this drama, children leave parents living independently; the two is to bid farewell to their own youth and, after 40 years of life into old age; the final farewell is dead forever and, say goodbye to this world. A drama about the child story Hai Qing plays Huang Lei’s wife in the play, and for their students to play a couple, screen body veteran Huang Lei said two people are sometimes uncomfortable. Huang Lei explained that when filming is Hai Qing: "because I feel uncomfortable in her mind or a teacher, she told me a little bit of fear, a little scared, she often looked at my eyes will jump the play. The intimacy between husband and wife feels strange." For Hai Qing’s performance in the play, Huang Lei generously said sure, evaluation of its excellent good actor. In addition, Huang Lei also recalled that Hai Qing school very skin, morning run to be lazy, and another student in the class took a shortcut over the wall, but when riding on the wall are recorded attendance teacher)相关的主题文章: