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Huang Chenxin: "mail" to restart the spot silver market detonated on line ending spot crude oil should rebound in the short – Sohu Finance – Chen Xin’s words: whether you love or not, life is a game. Cowards never start, the weak die on the way, only let us go on. The international market news: by the U.S. presidential election and the demand for physical gold prices push, despite the Fed’s December rate hike pressure, but the gold is still a modest rise in early October rose to basic level. In the distance the November 8th presidential election polling day only 8 days, Hilary mail door raised concerns, boosted safe haven demand for gold. In only two weeks before the US presidential election, the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) secretary JamesComey said Friday in a letter, FBI will restart the investigation on the Democratic candidate Hilary mail, to determine whether there is leakage problem of these messages. After the release of the news, the financial market volatility, the dollar fell gold soared. The Republican candidate Trump after hearing the news that FBI presided over the tread on air, righteousness, and high-profile announced an additional $100 million for the presidential election. Recent crude oil market continues to produce controversy around OPEC freeze or not, crude oil prices will fluctuate. However, according to foreign media reports, due to the refinery seasonality, the United States imports of crude oil greatly reduced, the demand will shift to the Asian crude oil market, which will lead to oil tanker rents rose 50%, thus stimulating the rebound in WTI crude oil prices. Is a non farm week, the crude oil market today (October 31st) will usher in a number of economic data, and this week FOMC meeting will be opened, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates will also be announced or not. Today as the October final battle, November crude oil market is facing OPEC freeze, the U.S. presidential election results of the bombing, oil prices may change radically. [technical] "spot silver" technically, because last week silver rebound out of a wave of repair market, the technical level is already 2 even Yang K rise, 3480-3500 below the formation of effective support, the current rebound to around 3600 this week, waiting for the data guide; see above news, data this week bullish dollar bearish gold and silver components is large, so the price of silver in the days of 3600 blocked short callback downside target to see 3550, below to look at 3520-3500 last week all support; on the other hand, if silver prices continue to rise in the buying momentum, short-term rebound continues to see broken bits 3600 Powei 3600 open to stabilize kinetic energy, can also see 3660 then the high price position, short selling is also a good choice. Exclusive strategy: do near 3550, stop 3530, target 3600; the short near 3600, stop 3630, target 3560-3550; the price of silver Powei 3610 changes in the way of short-term bullish, stop 3570, near the target 3650 ";" at the end of the weekend spot crude oil OPEC Technology Conference in Iran and Iraq, oil producers will yield problems the impasse, did not reach an agreement, the agreement resulted in limited production uncertainty.相关的主题文章: