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UnCategorized Is the revolution over? Google took it to a higher level during the bust of 2000 by feeding on the pennies of millions. They were truly ahead of the curve. So where is/are today’s silent behemoths? You know someone’s lying in wait. I can smell the brainstorming. I have some ideas of my own. The question is, do I share? Do you share? I want to be the next BIG THING on the internet! But alas, I’m not right now. Oh, I have my moments where I make money – -but I’m not innovating. I yearn to innovate. I loved the mid 90’s. There were new gadgets & software every 10 minutes. So it seemed. There were 20 TV shows dedicated to the new "online, Internet Wave." Now, I’m lucky if I find one. What happened to on TV? Okay, I’m ranting. Sorry. "I want my CNET-TV!" Back to the point. I want to be part of the next wave and here’s how I think it’s going to happen. The next search engine will not be like today. They are getting too big. There is only so much real estate on the 1st page. (who really goes past page 3 or 4) So, search results have to be more defined. If I search for "Autism," I’m probably looking for medical advice, definitions or places for Autistics to shine. I don’t really need to find a link for ebay. the fat needs to be trimmed away. Communities like MySpace, are a small wave of the future but, it’s limited to it’s niche. I would love to create a community that would incorporate the best of everything out there. Ahh, the dream. Try a bog like and begin the next revolution. Chime in and chime back to make thoughts flow freely again. Make short domain names like & that don’t mean a thing until they are brand recognized. Make your’s "Brand Recognized." The creation of the next big thing will come from a group of retro-thinkers who will bring us back to the original concept of the World Wide Web. FREE INFORMATION FOR EVERYONE. Knowledge is power. What is Google or Ebay doing to get back to that center now that they have mad their Billions? The next Big thing will do this & combine corporate wealth with the Free Flow of knowledge. Create that wind of change for tomorrows kids. About the Author: Conrad Sear has been a web developer for 14 years. He now manages a startup SEO company called Their growing list of clients are all making to the top with his guidance. #1,, #5, #1 Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: