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.munications Today’s conferencing market is flooded with not only thousands of web conferencing providers , but an even greater number of web conferencing services , making it difficult to sift through the masses to find the best pick for your unique business needs. Luckily, our team at ConferenceShopper.. came up with a few steps to take in order to ensure you find the correct provider and service(s) for your business. To start, you should understand your options. Web conferencing solutions are diverse most offer the same general features, however some offer specialized features exclusive to that provider. For example, typical features most web conference providers offer include: Desktop and file sharing surveys, polling, and question and answer sessions provide you with quick feedback, at the conclusion of your conference, some providers also offer reports and individualized statistics Where conferencing providers and their services differ most is in regards to the maximum number of participants allowed during a conference; often subscription based services limit the maximum number of participants allowed in each meeting. Services like InterCall Unified Meeting provide web conferencing for small groups from 2 to 125, while WebEx Event Center, for example, ac.modates up to 3,000 participants. It is also important to find out what software each provider and their services require. Ideally you should look for something that works with what you already have. If you’re starting from scratch then you should determine what software you prefer to use daily, and find a service that can support it. When it .es time to make the big decision, go over everything you’ve discovered about your prospective web conferencing candidates and narrow down the list as much as possible. Once you get down to a handful of services/providers look for reviews there’s no shortage of opinions out in the market, and while you should take each with a grain of salt, they can offer some very interesting and informative points that could be pertinent to you and your needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: