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Business Are you wondering how to make money online fast and free? 1) a Freelance Do you have these skills? Are you good at programming, html, writing or designing graphics? If you are, you can be.e a freelancer. You can find freelance assignments at freelance website like RentaCoder or eLance. However, in order to find assignments at these freelance websites, it is not really free. You do need to pay a one time fee of about $50. Alternatively, you can search for business or internet marketing forums. Joining a forum is free. Usually in these forums, you can add a signature file. Therefore, in your signature file, you can advertise your service. Just participate in the forums and make some useful posts. The more you participate in the forums, the more trust and exposure you will gain. Assuming you are very skilful in what you do, you should be able to .plete your assignment fast if it is just a small project. Therefore, this is one of the fast and free ways to make money online. 2)Bum Marketing This is a method of marketing that originated from a guy named Travis Sago. Before we discussed more about bum marketing, you need to understand what a keyword is. A keyword is basically what you type into the search engine. For example, if you are a frustrated dog owner with an aggressive dog, you may want to conduct research on the search engine. You will probably type in keywords like, ‘how to deal with aggressive dog’, ‘dog training for agressive dog’ etc. Take note that a keyword can be one or more words. The key of bum marketing is to write an article targetting a specific keyword that has low .petition in the search engine. By doing so, you will have a higher chance to rank in the first page of Google. This means more people will visit your website. So, if you sell something on your website, you will have more chance to make sales since you have more visitors visiting your website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: