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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Making a duct tape is simple if you follow the steps correctly and carry out the work patiently. With some creativity, you can simply make a new duct tape wallet, the name that most of the people would not have even heard in their life. Gifting a duct tape wallet to someone who deserves the most unique things in the world would surely create an instant sign of amusement and joy in them. It is the perfect gift for someone who has everything. You can present it on the Father’s day as well, even though it suits various other occasions also. Duct tapes are highly durable and are just amazing as if catches the notice when you carry it with you for any special occasion. While acquiring the compliments of your friends, you can be pride that you have something unique with you that no one has even heard of. A duct tape wallet can easily be made if you have some strips of duct tapes with you. After cutting some strips of duct tapes of some 8 inches long, you can work with it to make your wallet. Take them and lay them horizontally with the sticky side being upwards. Take another tape strip and in the similar way, lay it also but in such a way that the sticky side of this strip points downwards in, horizontally and halfway down to the first strip. Take the sticky part of the tape pointing on the top and fold it over in such a way that it folds over the exposed sticky half of the other tape. In this way, repeat with the process of adding the strips until you get a rectangle with a width of 8 1/2-inches. When you reach the last piece of tape, fold this piece over to form the last bottom edge in such a way that some of its measurement is lost. The overhanging portions of the wallet should be trimmed down so as to get a wallet with a length of 7 inches. Now is the task of creating pockets or slots for your wallet. You can create the pockets by folding the wallet in half starting from top to bottom. You should put a strip of tape to the sides of the wallet and then trim the strips that are in excess. You can create sheets with the duct tape by creating rectangles with it in 4-inches and then trim the excess. Fold the sheets and put it on the side to form the credit card slots. Fold the wallet half in the middle to create the crease and your folded wallet is ready. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: