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Photography Sharing with friends anytime anywhere has already become youth daily routine, through it no more ordinary, we can be the King or Queen and even chat with the global neighbors and any big celebrities. Thats the reason why people would like to post pictures or videos in YouTube. No matter movie maker, music maker or photo maker, it makes a great contribute to turn us from layman to amateur professionals if sharing online. Drag-n-drop, ready-to-go features seem to the key points to advertise for software companies nowadays, but however easy-to-go the software is, some of us are still in the air when we the panorama show in the front and the interface is not such easy but easy for those IT men, especially you want to burn on YouTube or Facebook. The following should be prepared to make a video. 1, Digital photos, digital music, digital videos, text with speech 2, Movie Maker Software 3, Computer or laptop with one of the current OS like Windows XP / Vista / Mac OS Actually, the software you pick up will be decisive and crucial. High-quality and easy-operating Movie Maker for YouTube will be much time-saving and money-saving. Referring to paid software, most of reader may start to shake heads now, but to be honest, its not easy to get an excellent movie maker software which can burn HD video free and share with your friends by one click but no need to upload again. Price and quality on most of cases are directly proportional. The lucky thing is you can download the free trial version of WonderShare movie maker in my blog before buying. The most suitable Movie Maker for YouTube should qualify the below tips: 1, Easy to download, easy to install, easy to operate with manual or clear interface will be better, 33.6 M is small enough to download and set up within several minutes, most of software are beyond manuals but attached detail functions, clear and see at-a-glance interface is the solution to this drawbacks. 2, Support various OS, in order to carter for over 160 countries, millions of customers globally, WonderShare movie maker can support Windows XP / Vista and even Mac OS 3, Share on Youtube by one click, as long as you have a Youtube account, the procedure seems a piece of cake. 4, No more any other editing software in the course of integration, not like other movie makers, its unnecessary to touch up photos or music before drag to storyboard, which can be clipped, rotated, converted by this movie maker. Lets make a video to post in your YouTube within 3 steps now. Step one, Open your computer to make sure that the OS should be one of the Windows XP / Vista and Mac OS. Open my blog in browser:, download the free trial movie makers as per your Operating System, while installing it, you can open your Youtube account first, if youre newer, you can register via your Gmail within seconds. Step two, find the pictures, music or clipped videos in your laptop or transfer to your desk from all your mobile device or digital camera. Double click Movie Maker for YouTube to execute, drag and drop your pictures, music or videos in storyboard directly in Personalize Window and organize the order via timeline. Step three, preview the effect in Create Window, and find the YouTube icon in the left column and one click to share on your YouTube immediately. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: