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Humor The idea of drawing caricatures has attracted people since ancient times. A sharp stone and a smooth crave wall was enough for the ancient men to caricature things around them. Caricature drawing is not a very .plex, .plicated and expensive thing; anyone can draw. The hard thing about drawing caricatures is to discover this ability, work patiently, and challenge. Anyone can learn how to draw caricatures with the ability to draw things, and has the patience to challenge! For people who wants to learn how to draw caricatures, Ill give some detail about the drawing techniques and materials used by the professional caricaturists first and later give step by step instructions on how to draw caricatures so that you can follow the steps and start drawing caricatures. You will need the following tools when drawing caricatures: good quality pencil; which should not be too hard or too soft, preferably H or HB pencil. good quality eraser; preferably waxed and soft to erase without trace. good quality drawing paper; should be good enough to resist the stroke impact of the pencil, and not to peel off. This paper is preferred by the professional cartoonists for its resistance against the ink when working over the caricature drawing drafts. good quality ink; black Chinese or Indian ink. good quality cartoon pen Step 1 Cut the image paper in appropriate size. This size depends on your choice; it should be smaller than a poster and bigger than stamp. The size of A4 paper is generally accepted. Step 2 Start setting your .position into the image paper with a pencil. According to the joke, draw the most important elements of your .position; the places of figures, the background, the detailed objects, in a easily understood .position. The process of learning how to draw caricatures is a tough process full of a lot of trial and errors and thus requires a lot of patience. Draw and erase the unwanted details until you are satisfied with the final .position. At this point, you can look to the appearances of the figures you have trouble to draw. You can look it up in internet and try to draw the things after seeing their pictures first. Step 3 Once you .plete drawing your caricature .position with the pencil and feel satisfied with it; the next step will be scanning over your drawing lines with ink. You will use the cartoon pen at this step. Go over all the lines with cartoon pen and ink the lines of your caricature drawing until you ink the whole .position. Step 4 Wait until the ink dries and erase the traces of pencil which you have drawn previously before the ink. Step 5 Start writing the balloons. It is better not to use cartoon pen for balloon writing purposes. Instead you can try any other pen with various 0.5, 0.7 or 1 point size markers. Of course in an easy to read and all in capital letters. These are all needed when learning how to draw caricatures. I tried to summarize the tools needed to start drawing caricatures. And the steps to go through for people who are interested to learn how to draw caricatures. All these tools and techniques are what is needed to draw caricatures; but the most important factor is you, the person who wants to learn how to draw caricatures. If you can .bine work, care and aesthetics concerns with a talent backed up with the patience, then you can learn how to draw caricatures the right way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: