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How to do the car keys locked in the car? 5 ways to help you solve! Sohu car keys locked in the car, presumably a lot of people have such experience, then the car keys locked in the car, how should we solve it? 1, spare key first thought must be used when the spare key, key lock in the car accident, possible to retrieve the spare key, this is the most simple and minimal loss method. So when driving the spare key as far as possible not to take on the body in order to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by loss. 2, try to find a breakthrough point from the seal tightness out the windows closed, select "open" window. The method is to take a bit longer and relatively hard wire inserted along the gap, if the car in the car under the wire is inserted into the window controller, click on the window is open, if it is to put off state wire to the control of the unlock button. 3, from the glass to find a breakthrough point to wipe the glass doors and windows, and then open the hands, palms close to the glass under the sway, and slowly pull down the glass, sometimes gradually sinking, once the gap can reach the keys with wire or open the door. 4, unlock the company if the above methods fail, then or change a relatively safe method, find a regular lock company, so you can not damage the vehicle itself, just need to spend some money. 5, when you have to choose the window window, we choose the best before the failure of the car glass, because the glass is easy to change, the price is acceptable, not the front windshield was smashed. Hit the glass with the best safety hammer, avoid hurt yourself. If the key is lost, only to re set a key, then also appeared two kinds of views, one is to find the "Auto City God Key Duplication Service Key Duplication Service, or go to the 4S shop? Undoubtedly, Auto City Key Duplication Service is cheaper, and we all know the 4S shop Key Duplication Service more expensive cars, Key Duplication Service is more expensive, for example, Chery QQ car keys with a general in the hundred, about 100 thousand vehicles in four or five thousand dollars, the car is generally three thousand or four thousand yuan, HK BMW 750 key technology even to 30 thousand, Rolls-Royce key to twenty thousand or thirty thousand. The face of this part of the owners choose the outside with the key, the industry also reminded that although the price is low, but there are multiple keys or malicious decoding of the hidden dangers, and its security and professionalism is much worse. In particular, imported cars, generally have the corresponding key preparation equipment and chip decoding equipment. So, from the point of view of reliability and security, in the 4S shop with high key, can be regarded as money to buy at ease. A car: Car master has a problem, find a car at the auto master, master has 100 thousand certified professional 4S automotive technician, quick answer your car repair and maintenance of vehicles, etc.. Car master also opened the door to install the service in the country, welcomed the appointment of car master gold service. History ======= problem for automobile automobile master car master, 10 minutes to answer all your questions: add WeChat auto car相关的主题文章: