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How many do you know those old drivers know? If you know the following common sense, Congratulations, you have more than the old driver! High speed car on the bad, how to do? Try to park your car in the emergency parking zone, and placed warning triangle in 100 meters behind the car, all the people ran to the belt around the car, do not stay within a radius of 10 meters. The highway don’t open the slow speed road for what ah, is you the owner of a high-speed road, you slowly to 80 kilometers per hour above, is to do what! And on the highway driving slow and prone to rear end accidents, so long as not speeding, despite the bold move. Let speed does not give way some novice lack of driving experience, so when the emergency brake is usually the first reaction moment to break the steering wheel, this is wrong, easy to cause the vehicle out of control, traffic accidents. How to use the wiper? Some owners in the next little rain, but also to keep the rain scraping, it is not right to do so. Dry scratch if the wiper is not good, also affect the line of sight. I want to say, there is no intermittent, do not do! Steering wheel or not to fight in the end? When the vehicle turns, if the steering wheel is killed, the booster pump pressure will increase several times or even higher, continue to kill the steering wheel will shorten the booster pump life. The above argument for mechanical and hydraulic power steering, and electric power steering do not care about this problem, you kill. How to skillfully use engine braking? In the muddy road, snow road residue or slippery pavement, rugged mountain road, steep slope, should use the engine brake as far as possible, help fast braking. The specific operation method is to lift the accelerator pedal, but do not step on the clutch, the use of the engine’s compression stroke generated by the compression resistance, internal friction and exhaust resistance on the driving wheel brake. In the process of moving away from the cart, the cart is often the most dangerous, whether the cart is falling or accidents, met it was a close call. The car is their own, life is their own, you do not care, who cares? Buy a car car, answer attention WeChat public number: my car on a small series have been lined up, waiting for you!相关的主题文章: