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Sports-and-Recreation Extreme and trick scootering has be.e very popular, and JD Bug scooters are very visible at the skate park. Certainly, there are other brands of scooters available, and many of them are high quality pieces of equipment, but the scooters made by JD Bug are considered to be some of the finest in the industry. If you are into trick scootering, and you are interested in a more serious scooter to take to the park, you should check out the models made by JD Bug. JD Bug ECO scooter The basic JD Bug ECO scooter is one of the most popular folding scooters available in the world. Its price is higher than most scooters in its class, but the cost is worth it. This is simply one of the best made scooters on the market. It is durable and portable, plus it looks super cool. With the basic JD Bug scooter, you can make a serious impression at the skate park. JD Bug Pro Street scooter Another model in the line of JD Bug scooters is the JD Bug Pro Street scooter . It is also a folding scooter that features a unique design. The Pro Street is now in its third version and it sports a matt black finish. It is similar to the original JD Bug Scooter, but it is more reinforced in its build. The JD Bug Pro Street Scooter .es with a lot of great features that sets it apart from the .petition. For example, it .es with harder wheels, which are better suited for extreme riding. It .es with chrome bearings and full length, heavy duty custom grip tape. It has a double collar clamp and a fixed fork. The deck is made of aircraft grade aluminum. For your convenience, it also has a multi-mount clip and shoulder strap, which makes it more portable. These products are solid and well built. Even with aggressive riding, they can last a long time. The Pro Street .es in a variety of colours (such as Pepper White, Matt Black, Ithaca Verdi, Giallo Fly Yellow, and Purple Flip) and has received a lot of positive reviews. JD Bug Pro Extreme V2 scooter In the fixed scooter category, JD Bug offers the JD Bug Pro Extreme V2 scooter. The name says it all, and this model should be not be considered a toy. It is, in fact, a specially designed piece of sporting goods equipment. This scooter is made to last, and it can take any abuse that it might be given as a result of the toughest tricks in your arsenal. If you are into trick scootering, and you are looking for something tough, durable, and easy to ride, check out the various models made by JD Bug scooters available online from Skate Hut, Skate Attack, Slick Willies and Rawk. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: