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Software Nobody can deny that SharePoint has revolutionized the virtual market. In fact, SharePoint does wonders at improving any organization you throw it at. It has so many features, its impossible to gain no benefits from it. In fact, if you get sharepoint, you’re guaranteed to be doing a huge leap in your organization’s productivity and efficiency. Yes, I realize this may excite you and make you run out and get sharepoint immediately. But its not that simple unfortunately… In fact, the only way to get all the benefits that sharepoint offers is by either studying it for years, or getting someone who has. The thing is its impossible to truly make use of it without completely customizing it to your needs. And for that you need a sharepoint consultant. Don’t make the mistake of just choosing a random consultant though. You want to invest some time and energy into doing it right. Trust me, its well worth it, and pays for itself in the end, if you do it right. I mean, I don’t have to remind you that by hiring the wrong person, you are risking a lot, do I? Now, I hope I didn’t scare you too much, as the process of selecting a consulting team is actually quite easy. You just need to apply the tips I’m about to give you. The biggest mistake you can do is just randomly search the net for a "sharepoint consultant". Its like trying to find the right consultant by throwing a dart at they yellow pages. The net does not filter consultants by quality or any of the criteria you’re interested in. Let’s solve this, shall we? What you want to do is set certain guidelines before you even start searching for a person to hire. This will make the process so much better, because you’re literally filtering out most consultants before they even waste your time. I strongly suggest starting out with the closest possible location (your city), and only then expanding further (your county, your state, etc…). I don’t know if I have to explain this, but its crucial to do. There are tons of advantages to the consultant being able to visit you more often. Another thing you want to look into is experience. Right after you’ve filtered down by near location, start looking at the potential candidates’ resumes or past history. If you can’t readily find information about whom they’ve helped or worked with, don’t even waste your time, they’re probably novices. Thirdly, once you have a list of potentials. Call them and ask them about problems they’ve solved in the past, solutions they’ve created. How did they overcome challenges for clients. And remember, it may take time and some thinking, but finding the right consultant is very much worth it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: