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Hilary said no other disease can hide Trump: I just do physical examination – Sohu news according to Xinhua news agency, the U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton? 11 to participate in the "9? 11" commemorative activities to exit, sparked attention again to her health. Second days after the event, she quickly accepted the media interview, stressed that he was suffering from pneumonia, because I think it is not a big event, so there is no public attention. Her campaign team spokesman Fallon day also said in an interview, Hilary "no other disease can hide, will return to the campaign later this week. A few days off this week will be back on the right track. "I was supposed to have 5 days off," the doctor told me last Friday." Hilary, 12, said in a telephone interview with reporters on the evening of CNN. She said she thought she had been suffering from seasonal allergies for more than a week, so she wanted to "carry on" until last Friday". Her campaign team didn’t get the results, because "I don’t really think it’s a big deal."". "Obviously, I should take a break. If I could lay down my schedule on Friday and start to rest, I might have recovered." Hilary said. She claimed in the 11 Day commemoration site "emotion", "feel unbearably hot, so I decided to leave. "As soon as I get back in the car, I’ll calm down, and I’ll feel better soon after I’ve had some water," she said. "But now I’m going to follow the doctor’s advice and take a few days off, waiting for a full recovery." Hilary team has canceled her 12 and 13 day of the campaign. Hilary’s spokesman Brian? Fallon said 12 days, Hilary is expected to return to the track in the election later this week. It should be admitted that the timely disclosure of more information for questions about the health of Hilary has been the Microsoft – Fallon told NBC: "there is no other undisclosed illness, just pneumonia." However, he admitted that the campaign team in dealing with this problem is wrong. "In retrospect, we should disclose more information and the way to deal with properly," he said, "this Hilary team will be in the physical examination report within the next few days open" Hilary, "in order to quell the growing concern about further caused by the incident yesterday". Trump, 12, said it would open its own health records. He claimed to have just done a medical examination last week and the results are good, promised to open specific results as soon as possible. "I feel good, and when the numbers come out, I’ll be looking at very, very detailed figures." He had previously promised that, if elected, he would be "one of the healthiest"". "Just think not so big pneumonia, not open to the public" "if elected, will be the president of the health of the a" non free election Hilary expert incurable disease due to pneumonia "Bingtui" news also triggered international media attention. "I don’t think Hilary will withdraw from the election, her disease is not an incurable disease." University of the United States government.相关的主题文章: