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High incidence of autumn diarrhea! Learn a few tricks for the baby away from the diarrhea – health Sohu with the seasons, suffering from diarrhea children gradually more up. Beijing good side hospital outpatient department of Pediatrics director Xu Shupeng told reporters that now is the season of high incidence of autumn diarrhea. Autumn diarrhea is also called rotavirus enteritis, 6 months to 2 years of age is a high incidence of infants and young children, the incidence rate decreased after the age of 4. Experts interviewed Beijing good hospital outpatient department of Pediatrics director Xu Shupeng graduated from the Capital Medical University Department of Pediatrics, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently occurring disease in children, with rich clinical experience in child health care. The typical symptoms and signs of rotavirus infection in children included vomiting, bloody diarrhea and fever. Severe cases can occur dehydration, convulsions and even death. In particular, dehydration, Xu Shupeng stressed that about 80% of newborn babies are water, while only about 70% of adults, so the impact of dehydration on infants and young children is very large. How to find out whether the child is dehydrated adults may be infected with rotavirus, with a certain degree of resistance, even if the infection, the symptoms will be much lighter. The development of infant digestive system is not yet mature, coupled with rotavirus infection through the digestive tract, respiratory tract and other ways, so that infants and young children become a high incidence of autumn diarrhea. The annual October to February is the high incidence of diarrhea, acute onset, fever, vomiting, watery stools or Egg & vegetable soup, have xingchouwei diarrhea, every day up to 5~10 times, even more than 10 times. Vomiting is also more common, even in many children with vomiting as the main symptoms. The autumn diarrhea is the most headache problem: dehydration. Dehydration can be divided into mild, moderate, severe dehydration. When the body lose up to 5% of body weight, clinical evidence of dehydration (such as orbital depression, smaller infant urine volume decreased, fontanelle collapse, tachycardia and dry mucous membranes) are more obvious. The most effective prediction capacity of 5% or more signs, including capillary refill time delay more than 2 seconds, reduced skin elasticity, with or without respiratory rate of deep breathing, especially the performance of existing at the same time. "Be sure to correct the child’s dehydration." Xu Shupeng pointed out that if the case of dehydration, it should be promptly to the regular hospital, so that the doctor for more accurate assessment and treatment recommendations". Rehydration salts should be a small number of feeding now recommend the use of the III generation of oral rehydration salts, because it is hypotonic rehydration salts, more conducive to the absorption of electrolyte, rehydration and correction of acid-base imbalance in the state of peace. It should be noted that the modulation of oral rehydration salt water temperature should not be too high. If there is no medical environment, parents can be a temporary emergency preparation of simple liquid for children to relieve as pressing danger. Xu Shupeng introduced a simple homemade rehydration salts: 10 grams of sugar (children eat small spoon, about two teaspoon of salt), 1.75 grams (half flat beer bottle), add 500 cents floor相关的主题文章: