Her husband does not wash too lazy to ask the police to discipline happynewyear

Husband wife too not to wash too lazy to alarm for Discipline original title: Hubei, a man suspected wife not to wash too lazy to alarm for Discipline Jingchu net news (correspondent Lu Wen, Liu Zhihua) "Hello, is that 110? I want to call the police!" November 9th at 7 pm, Daye City Public Security Bureau 110 command center received the alarm call a man, the other said in Dongyue road dispute a district, let the police comrades rushed. Hang up the phone, the 110 operator station to Dongyue Road police immediately transferred. The police on duty Qiu Wu received the alarm, immediately back to dial the phone man: "Hello, I’m Dongyue Road police station police officer Qiu, please tell me your name, age and address." It is strange that the other party does not say their names, but also do not say the specific cause and address, but in the phone blindly said his wife needs discipline. In the patient asked the police, the man finally said that night, he and his wife at home after dinner, his wife not to wash the dishes, he felt too lazy daughter-in-law, want to call 110 police education about his home "lazy daughter-in-law". Hear the alarm reason, Wu Qiu is angry and funny. Worried about the contradiction between their husband and wife, Qiu Wu once again asked the specific address. Unexpectedly, the man replied, "my wife has gone out." And hung up the phone. According to the relevant data show that the public security organs across the country every year to receive 110 police platform non police alarm class of this type of policing wasting a lot of valuable resources to the already tense police, police more pressure alexander". The police again called: "110" is a "lifeline" of emergency medicine, not relax for a moment, hope the police work together, let the flower alarm less, so that the police can free hand to more effectively protect the people’s life and property safety. Source: Sports Network Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: