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Henan Tibetan town in the depths of the mountains was praised the country’s only living town in October 13th, the first batch of small towns with Chinese characteristics announced, involving a total of 32 towns in the province of 127. Among them, Henan has selected 4 towns: Jiaozuo Wenxian County City, Xuchang City, Yuzhou City, Zhao Bao Zhen Shenhou Town, Nanyang City, Xixia County, Zhumadian City, Taiping Town, Queshan county bamboo town. The "geography of Henan" first concern is Shenhou town. In October 20th, in a misty rain, the reporter walked into Shenhou town surrounded by mountains, in this small town feel a kind of features used to look like the autumn moon and spring breeze of enron. – Oriental Daily News reporter Chen Siwen Li Xinhua · the mammoth map tells a distant town wall cage helmet story Shenhou town was East-West dry Mingshan divided into two basin, arable land and water resources. But Shenhou people with wisdom, the white mud into the porcelain, Shenhou town is not only a small town, is a small town, is the Chinese culture in a dazzling cultural name card. The rain drops fall on the umbrella, moss rows climbed the wooden doors and walls. Walking in the rain in Shenhou town streets and lanes, prowl between elegant decoration of the shop, my heart will be felt a guess: never been Shenhou people, if suddenly appeared here, can also be found in this town is closely related with porcelain. Here the porcelain shop than restaurants, supermarkets combined, is almost step a porcelain shop. While many shops at the entrance to the discharge of the size of the pot, water tanks, mostly from the broken porcelain into. Large courtyard in front of the two stone lions are simply used instead of big vase. The spread of Jun porcelain, silently watching the rain in the street, can not help but make life a good quiet time perception. Because of the mountain town built along the river, resulting in Shenhou town "ten step and ten step road street straight". People come here often lose their sense of direction. The earliest built along the street in the lower Town, to the mountain to diffuse, so Shenhou greet people sometimes a sentence: "do not eat, go up or down?" The old town is surrounded by mountains, like a natural oxygen bar, full of grass fragrance everywhere. If you are careful, in Shenhou quiet alley, you will meet these years filled with a sense of the cage. They are everywhere, they are in the old wall brick, flower beds, flower pots, as in a small courtyard in the courtyard wall do fish in the eaves…… The cage helmet is Shenhou people to call it, is the actual use in ceramic sagger. The cage helmet can prevent gas and harmful substances cause damage to the body and glaze. When the cage helmet is damaged or abandoned, the local people will turn into a wall or barrier to him. As time went by, the cage was growing more and more visible. A simple cage guard Jun also guards Shenhou Shenhou, as a witness of history, in the ancient town, telling the story of a time long. If a large fortune as a Chi Ying Jun in Shenhou town runs a porcelain shop, rain less, he was sitting in his shop, squinting at a Jun porcelain in a daze. The flow of Bordeaux like waterfalls, green glow like stars, like the dark mountains looming…… The intersection of the flow of color, he saw a colorful world, saw the freehand landscape and his early mother farewell to the school, guest相关的主题文章: