Hefei false preferential merchants were exposed with Zhou Dafu and other brands webquest

Hefei merchants were exposed false concessions containing "Zhou Dafu" brand such as the National Day holiday consumption intensive, Hefei Municipal Bureau of tourism, before the date of travel, shopping and other sectors of the price law enforcement inspection, found that some businesses there is no price tag, false preferential discounts and other illegal activities, including brand business. According to the supervision and inspection of the implementation of Hefei City Price Bureau, before a number of the inspection team on the part of the super large business, tourist attractions, transportation and other industries the price policy, ticket price and parking fees in accordance with the provisions of the tourist attractions in a prominent position for the publicity, the implementation of price policy. In large supermarkets are businesses varying degrees of price violations, such as a shopping mall in the CTF counters, Hefei high speed rail station "unequaled in beauty" and "she`s" on the Hui supermarket counters, shops, all tile Road Central Shopping Center in Dekang large pharmacies, are not required to be clearly marked and false preferential discount, fuzzy gift sale misleading price, the price does not fulfill promises on suspicion of illegal price behaviors. Hefei City Price Bureau to remind, during the national day and in daily life, consumers encounter price disputes can call 12358 price report complaints telephone.相关的主题文章: