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Hebei Guan a total of five cards are not in Beijing crazy sale – Sohu news 1 project is located in Hebei Guan County home village. 2 food garden project site aerial map. 3 home village with a prolonged time limit "field resettlement notice". The 4 is located in Daxing District Jia Yue Plaza Building 6, room 602 in the food garden project sales office showings in a continuous line. Recently, the Beijing Daxing Jiayue Plaza Building 6, room 602, buyers come to showings in a continuous line. The development model room is Hebei Guan County food home project, adjacent to the future of the new Beijing International Airport, the price of 11 thousand yuan per square meter is lower than the local housing market price thousands of yuan. Soaring prices in Beijing at the moment, the project attracted many buyers. The sales staff said, the district currently has more than and 300 sets of real estate by subscription, they have received wuliuqianwan yuan of funds. But JINGWAH Times reporter survey found that the project site has no signs of demolition, the development of the main Hebei Xiang Ma Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiang Ma company) has not to pay land leasing, no real estate pre-sale permit, Xiang Ma company also has internal disputes, the court has not pronounced. Xiang Ma said his legal representative of the company to subscribe for lack of knowledge, they sell Langfang TAIDING Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. and subscription (hereinafter referred to as the Trident) without any capital transactions. Reporters call the Guan County Housing Authority, the other reporter contacted the bureau to enforce the law a team, but the latter has not answered the phone. The report is lower than the market price thousands of yuan sale JINGWAH Times reporter recently received a number of reports from the public, that someone in the sales of Hebei Guan Jia Yue Tai Hing Square named Jing Yun Hua Yuan real estate, the price of 11 thousand yuan per square meter, but the location of the project has not taken signs, "the price compared to the market price of several thousand, we worry about being cheated". In August 22nd, Beijing public Chen Yu (a pseudonym) by Fengtai District Liu Xiang Qiao, a man gave him a piece of real estate flyers, the above described food garden: "the center of the city school district housing?? bright bloom, airport airport high-speed direct access to the core?", saying the project is only 6 kilometers away from Beijing International Airport in 2018, the airport high-speed traffic". Chen Yu is more attractive to leaflet the lower left corner of the "11 thousand" words, "the price is very cheap, cheaper than the market price of several thousand". Two days later, Chen Yu made a contact phone on the flyer, and according to the address provided by the other party came to the center of the story to see the real estate in the center of the 12. Said that the property is very cheap, away from the school, shopping malls, hospitals are very close, then told me that the pre-sale". After two days, August 26th, Chen Yu to pay 35 thousand yuan, get a preferential purchase "informed", saying "I in August 26, 2016, volunteered to participate in this preferential purchase activities to buy houses, and exclusive group purchase discount 35 thousand yuan, Attn party cover is the landlord of Beijing real estate brokerage Co. the company dedicated seal contract. "At that time to buy a lot of people, many of them are the sales staff with the past" morning, parity, first pay 35 thousand yuan (worth 70 thousand yuan) row after opening the card, and then pay 150 thousand, then I let cross.相关的主题文章: