Healthy nutrition and delicious banana milkshake do – Sohu eating pistachios soojin

Healthy nutrition and delicious banana pistachio milkshake do – eat so much meat and Sohu eat food, a drink! Small series before buying a juicer, every day is the favorite thing to do at home with a variety of collocation, dark cuisine master is so capricious! So, today Xiaobian teach everyone to do their own drinks, nutrition and safety and health, look at it together. Eat these foods can not only beauty, calcium, but also anti-aging, banana pistachio smoothieingredients: 200g milk, banana 2, 10, 20 pistachio nut and avocado half a banana milk shake 1 pistachio and macadamia nuts and pistachio shell, avocado halves 2, macadamias, pistachio, peeled banana and avocado together broken machine cup 3, pour the milk into the cup wall breaking machine 4, broken machine power, choice of grinding function, start the production of 5, 50 seconds to complete the nuts milkshake in this way, a cup of banana milkshakes will fix you nuts! Is not very simple ah? Go home and make a drink! The mall eleven big promotion, multiple gifts waiting for you to get more information about WeChat ~, welcome the public number: the photography.相关的主题文章: