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Harbin longta near bed discovered her umbilical cord did not cut the baby life daily news 29 September 30th at 9:40 PM, a people in the city on the west side of the bus station Front Gate behind the garden, found an abandoned baby, then alarm. According to the district police station police, the child was packed in a 30 cm long cardboard box, the body is only surrounded by thin old sheets, because the temperature was only about 13 degrees Celsius, the child was frozen red, cold limbs. When the police arrived near the children sent to Nangang District People’s hospital. Around 10 a.m., the police brought the children to the hospital. The baby is a baby girl, the umbilical cord has not been cut off, there are blood and feces on the body, just to see that just born soon. The child was wrapped in a very thin sheet of old sheets and was chilled by frozen limbs. Medical staff in the first time to the baby’s umbilical cord has been processed, and the children were cleaned." Mu Yanyan, director of the people’s Hospital of Nangang District, said. Subsequently, the obstetrician and gynecologist carried out a preliminary physical examination of the child. The hearing, eyesight, appearance and physical signs of the children were normal, and there was no physiological defect. After cleaning the baby girl, the small face looked particularly beautiful, big eyes, high nose bridge." The medical staff to feed milk to the children, she also wore clothes and hats, wrapped in blankets to keep warm, slowly after a period of time, the baby’s hands and feet warm up, when they lie in the arms of the doctor began to nod, and soon fell asleep, while sleeping while snoring. It is reported that if the parents of the child can not be found, the baby girl will be sent to the city children’s welfare home. At present, the public security organs are still looking for the baby girl’s parents.

哈尔滨龙塔附近花坛惊现女婴 脐带都没剪 女婴   生活报9月30日讯 29日9时40分许,一市民在龙塔正门西侧公共汽车站后面的花坛里,发现一名弃婴,随即报警。据辖区派出所民警介绍,孩子当时被装在30厘米长的纸箱里,身上只围着单薄的旧被单,由于当时气温只有13℃左右,孩子浑身冻得通红,肢体冰凉。民警当即将孩子就近送到南岗区人民医院。   “上午10点左右,民警将孩子抱来医院。孩子是名女婴,脐带还没剪掉,身上有血迹和粪便,一看就是刚出生不久。孩子身上只裹着一个特别薄的旧床单,被冻的四肢冰凉。   医护人员在第一时间给孩子的脐带进行了处理,并给孩子进行了清洗。”南岗区人民医院办公室主任穆艳燕说。“随后妇产科医生对孩子进行了初步身体检查,孩子听力、视力、外貌体征一切正常,无生理缺陷。洗干净后的女婴,小脸看着特别漂亮,大眼睛、高鼻梁。”医护人员给孩子喂了奶粉,还给她穿戴上了衣服帽子,裹上棉被进行保暖,缓了一段时间后,女婴的手脚热乎起来,吃饱后便躺在医生怀里开始打盹儿,不一会就睡着了,边睡还边打呼噜。   据悉,如果未能找到孩子的父母,这名女婴将被送到市儿童福利院。目前,公安机关仍在寻找这名女婴的父母。相关的主题文章: