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Harbin 23 swimming 15 substandard children had a collective infected Xinhua Harbin August 31st news (reporter Wang Junbao) for the sport of swimming in Harbin city recently Training Center Natatorium children because of water pollution in the collective events, the City Planning Commission formulated the "Harbin city swimming venues rectification work program" in the city. Within the framework of the special inspection work of swimming places. As of August 30th, the city has a total of 25 swimming pools, including 2 have been closed down, the other 23 swimming pool qualified 8, failed to meet the 15. The Harbin Municipal Planning Commission introduced, including unqualified unqualified water, disinfection equipment is not perfect, the staff health certificate expired, has been issued to unqualified natatorium health inspection, ordered immediate rectification. According to reports, the contents of the health supervision department inspection permit, including chlorine concentration, staff health certificate etc.. Prior to more than a hundred children in Harbin, a group of sick swimming training center swimming pool, it belongs to a year to check the two B swimming pool. According to the Harbin Municipal Health Planning Commission introduced before the onset of the disease, health supervision departments have just been involved in the inspection of the swimming pool. Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: