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Happy fruit: BRIC flash is ten years will deepen cooperation in promoting new network development in fruit Fung: BRIC flash is ten years to deepen cooperation and promote the development of Xinhua news agency, India Goa on 14 October, (international observation) fruit Fung: BRIC flash is ten years will deepen cooperation and promote the development of the Xinhua News Agency reporters Xu Haijing Hu Dandan, the leaders of the BRIC countries eighth times meeting is scheduled for 15 to 16 days in the southern city of India, goa. "To create an effective, inclusive, common solution" to become the theme of the meeting. A month ago, in the group of twenty (G20) leaders of the Hangzhou summit of the BRICs leaders gathered together to meet the challenges of the West Lake, in-depth exchange of views on deepening cooperation. Today, the Hangzhou summit meeting with Goa line will enhance the BRIC countries in the global governance level of cooperation, promote innovation and sustainable development. From Hangzhou to Goa in 2001 was first proposed to the present, the "BRIC countries" from concept into a practical and effective mechanism. It explores a new model for the growth of the world economy and provides a new possibility for the reform of the global governance system. If you want to continue to emit a BRIC light, deepen cooperation between the BRIC countries essential. Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out the direction of the informal meeting of the leaders of the BRIC countries before the Hangzhou summit. Mr Xi was strengthening BRICs cooperation put forward 4 proposals: first, common innovation growth; second, to improve global governance; third, jointly safeguard the fairness and justice, to build a peaceful and stable development environment; fourth, to jointly promote the development of international cooperation, take the road of sustainable development. The Brookings India center researcher Jitan Jia Li? Natalajie said, one of the important topics of the meeting is to strengthen the relationship between Goa and the BRIC countries G20. The Hangzhou summit of the innovation and inclusive development as the focus, now taking over, Goa meeting to promote the BRICs cooperation in global governance focus on innovation and sustainable development. After the global financial crisis, the world economic recovery is weak. This problem plagued the developed countries, but also troubled by the BRIC countries as the representative of the emerging economies. In the face of the plight of the traditional economy, innovation as a breakthrough to become the consensus of many countries. At the same time, the financial crisis has exposed the unreasonable of the global governance structure. As the main engine of global economic growth in recent years, emerging market countries and developing countries are calling for an increase in their representation and voice in international organizations. G20 members of the BRIC countries should strengthen communication and coordination within the framework of G20, continue to actively promote the reform of the global governance structure. Observers believe that in promoting South South cooperation and promote the developed countries to fulfill their drive to other developing countries to take the road of sustainable development in terms of commitment and support, the BRIC countries have a brilliant future. The BRICs, Chinese shining still including Russia and Brazil, India and South Africa at the four continents in the world, across the north and South Hemisphere, has a unique geographical advantage, the land area and accounted for 29.6 of the total area of the territory of the world.相关的主题文章: