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Hainan test the water tourism destination VR+ tourism marketing map for the field of tourism industry experience VR. Hong Jianpeng photo Beijing, September 18 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Hong Jianpeng) reporters from 18 in Hainan, Haikou at the VR+ Hainan tourism application technology promotion conference "learned, Hainan will test the water tourism destination" VR+ tourism "marketing mode, through the VR technology more stereo, directly to highlight the value of tourist destination in Hainan, enhance the tourists will stimulate the Hainan tourism market continues to grow. VR, which is the abbreviation of the English word VirtualReality. 2016 is known as the first year of VR, the world’s major giants have to promote the consumption of consumer products through VR layout, the community’s attention to the VR industry reached an unprecedented level. At present, the domestic Guilin, Mount Huangshan and Australia and other popular tourist destination, has been through the introduction of VR technology, the production of VR images, the creation of experience Museum, etc., to carry out VR+ tourism marketing projects. In the face of this revolutionary new trend of the core of the Internet, the Hainan Association of travel agents to play an active role in the association, multi exploration, is committed to promoting the VR+ Hainan tourism depth development. Hainan Tourism Association official Liu Jinlin speech at the press conference said, "VR+ tourism" will break past the unpredictable tourism marketing mode, provide the experience personally on the scene for tourists, travel behavior of tourists will have a profound impact. Conference organizer, Hainan Huajin tourism group vice president Chen Chen introduced, in the face of increasingly "picky" consumers of tourism, tourism enterprises to the real needs of tourists as the center, is to promote the "VR+ tourism", because it is able to bring tourists interaction, immersion and telepresence. According to the introduction, through the combination of VR technology and tourism marketing, will break the limit of time and space, through a variety of ways to bring tourists fresh, interesting, fun, real advance experience, the tourism industry to solve the unknown "pain points", is a big weapon to attract tourists". In addition, VR will also provide training to the virtual scene to tourism services and improve service skills before selection, line feedback. VR technology in the hotel and booking platform, destination tourism and theme parks and other tourist attractions also have a great degree of typicality. In the conference site, "VR+ tourism" technical support to the Hainan tourism industry introduces all kinds of hard VR knowledge, and field experience, display the trend of "VR+ tourism" application and achievements. It is reported that representatives from the Hainan Provincial Tourism Commission and the Municipal Tourism Committee, Hainan provincial county scenic Association and major scenic spots, hotels, major tourist shopping, the tourism and entertainment projects totaling more than 150 people attended the conference. (end)  相关的主题文章: